On 28th April the Metropolitan Command PSP, through the Police Division of Sintra, arrested four men aged between 23 and 29 years old, following the execution of six house search warrants in the area

Following an investigation that lasted a few months ago, the PSP obtained several search warrants in Mem-Martins area to conduct the operation during which the following items were seized;

– 13,800 doses of suspected Hashish ;
– 10 does of suspected Cocaine ;
– 3 gr. amphetamine;
– 2 precision scales;
– 1 Knuckle duster;
– 1 Taser;
– 11,000 € in cash;
– 3 Cars;
– Several mobile phones and cards to use;
– Diverse material used in cutting and drug packaging.

The detainees, two of whom had already served time for the same type of crime, and one of them is serving a sentence on probation, appeared at the Judicial Court of Lisbon West District, for 1st Judicial Interrogation and application of the respective remand/reporting conditions.