A total of 43 dogs, 25 cats and a bird of the species Garrulus glandarius (common jay) were recovered from a residence in Alhos Vedros, Moita, due to lack of adequate conditions and for mistreatment. The GNR Territorial Command of Setúbal, through the Center for Environmental Protection of Montijo, rescued the 69 animals on 9th May 2017.

A search warrant was issued, headed by the Department of Investigation and Criminal Action of Moita, at the residence and its annexes, which were already referenced as sites for the accumulation of companion animals which had been reported to police. Although there have been some enforcement actions in the house, the conditions of animal welfare, public health and possibly mistreatment have deteriorated in recent times, according to the GNR in a statement.

All animals underwent a veterinary examination. The 68 pets were sent to the Official Collection Center of Barreiro and Moita for reception and medical-veterinary assistance, and were kept at the center until they are sent by judicial decision, for later adoption.

The recovery of the animals resulted from a joint action between the GNR, the municipal veterinary authority of Montijo, supported by the veterinarians of Barreiro and Moita and the Association of Municipalities of Barreiro and Moita, an environmental health technician and a chamber psychologist municipal. The military of the Research Center for Environmental Crimes and Offenses of the Territorial Post of Moita and the Special Programs Section of the Montijo Territorial Detachment also contributed to the outcome of the action