During a routine traffic control operation mounted on one of the accesses to the city of Funchal, on the dawn of Sunday, December 2, a car driven by the 39-year-old Social Democrat deputy, serving his first term in the Madeiran parliament, was ordered to stop by a PSP transit brigade, but allegedly ignored the order. Reported by PSP 12th December.

Instead of stopping, Luís Miguel Calaça accelerated and drove off. On the way, he almost hit a police officer, who fired two warning shots into the air.

The deputy finally intercepted later in the moening, after a police chase in downtown Funchal, where PSP reinforcements were deployed. Detained and taken to the police station, he was later released with a term of identity and residence.

In addition to the crime of driving under the influence of alcohol (a blood alcohol level of 1.87 g / l was recorded), there is a crime of disobedience of a police order and another of attempted injury of the police officer.

In a statement Luís Miguel Calaça, stated he was “fully available to collaborate with the justice system”