The Minister of Internal Administration yesterday advised motorists where possible to only make “indispensable” (essential) journeys during the strike period.

Safe Communities has produced the following tips (some obvious) to help motorists during this period;


  • Use public transport where possible
  • Refer to gas station fuel supply maps to check which stations have supplies
  • Car-pooling – if you know someone taking a similar journey
  • Efficient planning of appointments – try and schedule your diary to the lowest travel distance
  • Drive efficiently – use less fuel
  • Ask your employer, if appropriate, if you can work from home
  • Already scheduled appointments try to reschedule to another date.
  • If longer journeys are essential – use route calculator to show most efficient use in the use of fuel


  • At fuel stations please follow directions of police who may be manging congestion
  • Advice is not to use Jerry cans which can be unsafe if not transported properly. If you do they must be approved for this purpose.
  • For tourists – Please allow sufficient fuel and time if you need to get fuel before returning your car.
  • Remember cars are restricted to 15 litres
  • Note that some fuel stations only have fuel supply for emergency vehicles – do not try and use these as they cannot serve you.


  • When parking overnight in particular, please lock your car to deter fuel theft.

For tourists

  • For tourists check with airports to see if there is any disruption. They are essential services and a 100% minimum supply has been designated.


  • If you are taking any medication which may finish during the strike period, ensure you have sufficient to cover the possible period.