Madrid, 16 Aug 2019 (Lusa) – A joint operation by the Spanish Civil Guard, the Judiciary Police and the GNR dismantled a drug trafficking network aimed at trafficking cocaine into the two countries, detaining a total of 14 people.

According to the Spanish news agency EFE, the drug would be brought in by sea using a vessel trailer that appeared empty, but at the time it was equipped with a sophisticated hydraulic system that could carry more than 300 kilograms.

According to the Civil Guard, the so-called Operation Mansalva resulted in the arrest of 14 people, 11 in Pontevedra, two in Valencia and one in Portugal.

In addition, the operation was able to seize almost half a ton of cocaine (475 kilos).

According to the same source, the investigations have prevented the delivery of more than 300 kilograms of cocaine in Spain, which was being transported from Galicia to Valencia.

The police operation also prevented the entry into Portugal of 175 kilos of cocaine, which was being transported from the province of Pontevedra to the centre of the country.

The Judiciary Police of Porto and the Republican National Guard (GNR) carried out this operation near Coimbra and detained the person carrying the drug.

Police explained that the criminal network had “very advanced contacts and preparations” to introduce a new drug shipment to Galicia by sea from South America, but they could not carry out the operation because all members of that criminal organization were arrested.

Police also seized 12,000 euros in cash, 12 satellite phones, four double-bottomed vehicles and a trailer.

The guard also discovered a marijuana plantation with a thousand plants.

Investigations began, according to the Civil Guard, a year ago, when officers learned of a Pontevedra-based criminal group of people with a history of drug trafficking.

The operation is accompanied by the Quart de Poblet investigative courts and coordinated by the prosecution offices of Valencia and Pontevedra, with the police system having organized crime specialists from Galicia, Alicante, Pontevedra and Cadiz.