On 17th October the Spanish Police conducted a macro operation against child pornography as culminating in the arrest of 81 people involved in the exchange through Internet of videos and sex pictures featuring minors. Some of the thousands of images seized by the agents are extremely harsh and fall into sadism or bestiality. The all male detainees, including two children and two with intellectual disabilities shared files through P2P networks.

The investigation began as a result of “Ciberpatrullaje” developed by the National Police. Agents specialized in technological research continuously monitor various channels such as file sharing peer to peer networks, media used to distribute and download paedophile material Network.

After nearly a year of investigation, the researchers were able to identify dozens of users, protected by the feeling of anonymity that offer them these channels, sharing pictures and sex videos featuring children.

The final macro operation took place involving 300 agents arresting 81 people throughout Spain. In total they searched 80 house in which investigators seized and analysed computer equipment allegedly used to commit crimes. Some 96 hard drives, 58 computers, 68 pen drives, 4 tablets, 195 CDs and DVDs, 18 mobile phones, 25 memory cards, one console, one MP4 1 camcorder and 2 cameras, all support thousands of images of child pornography, were seized.

The research was conducted by officers of the Brigade of Technological Research and Judicial Police Brigades provinces and towns throughout Spain. Agents are continuing to analyse and are working on the intercepted material to determine the possible existence of paedophile crimes, sexual abuse of minors and connection with other paedophiles.