The Spanish National Police have arrested 89 people including those responsible for a criminal network dedicated to the trafficking of human beings. The network was made ​​up of people of Chinese nationality and Pakistan and aimed to introduce Chinese citizens in the UK, Ireland, Canada and the United States. They used Spain as a transit country moving to the people who dealt with patera floors in Barcelona, ​​Badalona, ​​Santa Coloma de Gramenet and waiting for the forged documentation.

The members of this organization were paid an average of 20,000 per trafficked, threatening their families in case of not meeting the agreed amount. Had links with other similar organizations settled in Spain and other countries, reaching macro function as a criminal organization, why international cooperation has been essential to the investigation.

Investigations agents began following numerous arrests in Spain of people of Asian descent who wanted to board flights nationalities identified as counterfeit Administrative Region of Macao Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong, Korea, Japan documents, Malaysia, Singapore, Portugal and Taiwan.

Once introduced into Spain by boat they remained hidden in apartments in Barcelona, ​​Badalona and Santa Coloma de Gramenet. To avoid detection by police checks, the criminal network forced them to move house regularly while waiting for a new forged documents to get to the destination country, because the initial documentation used to introduce them in Spain was withdrawn immediately.

That second documentation that needed to reach the requested countries was forged by the network in China and sent to Spain by courier. Another option was to hide in the luggage of new Chinese citizens who also sought to bring Spain . Once received, members of the organization acquired bills of low cost regentadas agencies by Chinese citizens and Pakistanis. The network, alerted to the police arrests carried out at various airports, sought other forms of access to these countries as trains, goods vehicles and ferries from Spain to France or directly to England