With the help of the Portuguese PSP, 12 suspects were arrested, including the administrator of the Internet page from which the network was running

The Spanish National Police dismantled a website that distributed paedophile material from Portugal, having arrested 12 suspects, including the page administrator, with the help of the Portuguese PSP.

According to the Spanish authorities, the administrator of the page (‘webmaster’), as well as the servers on which the page was hosted, were in Portugal, so the operation started with his arrest, after which the remaining paedophile suspects in Barcelona, ​​Girona, Sabadell, Cáceres, Albacete, Cádiz, Castellón, Madrid, Malaga, Murcia and Valencia.

Police stressed the reduced age of detainees, of whom four are minors and seven are just over 20 years old.

The administrator of the page was a citizen resident in Portugal who, according to the Spanish authorities, obtained significant economic benefits from this illegal activity.

The investigation had the support and collaboration of Europol (European police service), Interpol (international organization that facilitates worldwide police cooperation) and the Portuguese Public Security Police (PSP).

The investigation began thanks to anonymous information received through the Spanish police portal, which then sent agents to investigate the case.

During the investigation, the agents also managed to identify two Colombian citizens, having sent this information through Interpol to Colombia, which is expected to follow up on the case, according to the country’s laws.