President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa warns that the covid-19 pandemic clash “can last for a few years”, so “you have to think ahead”.

In a testimony transmitted at the beginning of the “Prós e Contras” RTP channel program on 6th April , the head of state considered that there is now “convergence in the essential” at a political level, but that later “naturally, the proposed paths will be different – as they already are today – to face the economic and social effects of the pandemic”.

The President believes the Portuguese are united and show courage and commitment to “overcome the current outbreak until the summer and, if it reappears more faintly next winter, until spring”, and to “endure the economy and society”.

“And to consistently overcome afterwards the blow to society and the economy, which may last for a few years, but which cannot be interminable and which should not be just about plugging holes, but thinking about the future in the long term”, he added.

Marcelo also left an alert: “There are direct supports and financing that cannot wait months for the end of the health crisis, they are the most urgent of supports (…) After that support, there is a need for public investment and private investment, with European contribution, with national, state, banking and entrepreneurial contributions”.

Picture: JF