The President of the Republic left the meeting with experts this afternoon at Infarmed saying that a light is beginning to be seen at the end of the tunnel. “Not only does it exist, but you start to see the light at the end of the tunnel,” he said, then speaking of various lights according to the different realities. Even so, “everything is moving towards a third state of emergency to be decreed, pointing to the reality of May”, he assumed, adding that there will be another meeting on April 28 to help make future decisions.

At the end of the meeting, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa explained that this session was longer because it had more speakers, including foreigners, and presented the three central conclusions.

1) “The process continues to follow a positive evolution in two aspects: in the growth of the virus’s projection in Portuguese society there is a slowdown that may seem slow but that is consistent. There is a reduction in the value of what can be called the spread of the virus. Initially it did not reach two Portuguese (each infected infected 1.8 people) and now the values have been falling in all territorial areas, situated far below. ”

2) “We are in the month of April. I said here a week ago that it is necessary to continue to set the example that the Portuguese have set more intensely during Easter, but more regularly and consistently until the end of April. We must continue to do what has been done. ”

3) “If April goes well, this allows us to look at May as an already different month, of progressive transition. If April goes as we hope, in May the Portuguese will start to get used to the idea of socializing with the reality of a virus that has been overcome and that becomes a fact of daily life. It is a transition that will have to be made with caution, with the same attitudes that the Portuguese have taken seriously, of health protection, of distancing from interacting with others, but with a progressive resumption of social and economic life. If Abril goes well – and it is, it will – that allows May to start being progressively different. ”