On 27th April a young woman threw herself from an overpass over the railway line and was injured. PSP, who was aware of two other cases, has given advice to parents. PLEASE SHARE THIS.

Participating in a game called the “Blue Whale” is believed to be the origin of this incident that which took place at Algarve railway line in the Ferreiras area of ​​Albufeira.

The young woman, who was injured, was trying to meet the challenges posed by the administrators of an online game , originating in Russia, which is worrying the authorities of several countries because, in addition to inciting acts of self-mutilation. The eventual aim is for the player to commit suicide and the target audience is almost always teenagers weakened by problems such as depression and isolation.

According to the fire department commander, the young woman threw herself from the bridge that crosses the railway line in Ferreiras and “suffered multiple injuries in the lower limbs”, being hospitalized in Faro.

“In the hospital the victim said she was under great pressure and that she threw himself out of the bridge in a state of despair,” he told PÚBLICO António Coelho, relating this situation to the game “Blue Whale”.

Recently an attempted suicide took place in Spain linked to this game. In Brazil, the phenomenon took on more dramatic proportions, with news of several dozen suicides committed by adolescents in at least eight states in the context of participation in the game.

Known as the Blue Whale, the game includes 50 levels of difficulty, the last of which is the suicide of its players. The tasks that your often-adolescent players are challenged to perform start with relatively innocuous things like listening to a particular song or video submitted by the administrators, or curators, of the game.

The Blue Whale reportedly targets players between 10 and 14 year old, pushing them into completing a list of pained daily tasks such as waking up in the middle of the night, cutting shapes into their skin or contemplating death.

As the game progresses over several week, participants reach a final task – committing suicide.

The game that has been spreading online among teens has led to warnings from police across Europe and Russia, Central Asia and North and South America.

The Blue Whale began in Russia on VKontakte – the national equivalent to Facebook – and Russian police have been investigating the relationship between this and suicides over a few months involving about 130 teenagers. More recently, in Colombia, police have detected that some 3200 youths with Facebook profiles have participated in the game.

Telephone help and support services for suicide in Portugal and Europe

SOS – National Relief Service

SOS Voz Amiga
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21 354 45 45
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SOS Phone Friend
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Listen – Voice of Support – Gaia
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