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We are witnessing in Ukraine a humanitarian crisis with the number of people fleeing the country now reaching 368,000, according to the UNHCR.


More than 150,000 people have entered Poland since the start of the conflict – while more than 43,000 Ukrainians fled to Romania in the three days after Russia invaded.

Women and children form long queues at borders with Poland and Romania trying to escape this brutal act of war, whilst men aged 18 – 60 years remain to help the security forces fight the attackers.

Ukrainians are spending nights in underground shelters to escape the bombardment. According to the Ukraine Government over 200 civilians have been killed and around 1100 wounded. Damage to residences and infrastructure is rising by the hour.

Demonstrations of solidarity with Ukraine and against Russian intervention have multiplied in recent days around the world, including in Russia itself.

LET US TODAY SHOW OUR SUPPORT TO THE UKRANIAN PEOPLE through a goodwill comment on this page hoping that they keep safe, hostilities cease and a there is a return to normality and peace as soon as possible.

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi has stated that the humanitarian consequences on civilians of this conflict will be devastating. “Countless lives will be torn apart. We have already seen reports of casualties and people starting to flee their homes to seek safety.”

“We urgently need your help to continue providing life-saving protection to families forced to flee their homes”

The UNHCR Donation page is here – Your support can help ensure that Ukrainians forced to flee their homes are sheltered and safe.…