A foreign citizen, suspected of trafficking in children and referred to in Spain for illicit illegal labour, was detained by the Aliens and Borders Service (SEF) at Humberto Delgado Airport in Lisbon, accompanied by a minor aged about 12 years.

The suspect and the child had disembarked from a flight from Accra, Ghana. When he presented himself to the SEF inspectors at the airport border. He presented a German travel document issued for children, but which was found to be registered as stolen in the databases.

SEF staff checked and found that the man was also in possession of another Ghana passport belonging to another minor.

The man alleged that he had been asked to accompany the child and to deliver him to his mother in Germany and showed an authorization of the alleged mother and a copy of his passport.

SEF found however that the alleged mother of the child, is referenced in Germany in connection with a child trafficking crime.

The minor was flagged as a victim of human trafficking and handed over to custody of an institution, and continued to be monitored by the SEF.

The alleged trafficker of people has appeared on 9th March to the judicial authorities and placed under the pre-trial detention.