A young Russian who persuaded children to enter the game is accused of inciting 16 teenagers to commit suicide

The 21-year-old who was accused of inciting 16 girls to commit suicide in Russia and is suspected of having created the Blue Whale game, said he was “cleaning up society.” Philipp Budeikin confessed to the crimes to the police and said that his victims were “biological garbage” and that they were “happy to die”.

The online game Blue Whale has worried authorities in several countries by the way it ends: the participant commits suicide.

Philipp Budeikin, also known as Phillipp Lis (Lis means fox, in Russian), was arrested in November in Russia. Since then, the young man has received several love letters from teenage girls who say they are in love with him, according to the Daily Mail .

By law, the Russian authorities can not prevent Phillipp from responding to the letters by contacting the teenagers.

Anton Breido of the Russian investigative committee said Phillipp Lis “knew exactly what he had to say to get the result he wanted” with the victims. “It started in 2013 and since then it has improved tactics and corrected its mistakes,” said the researcher, adding that Lis and partners lured children to social networks with videos.

“Their mission was to attract as many children as possible and then find out which would be the most susceptible to psychological manipulation,” the investigator quoted by the Daily Mail as saying .