A Moroccan defendant, detained in Germany and handed over to the Portuguese authorities, was questioned on 23rd March by Judge Carlos Alexandre on suspicion of joining and supporting the international terrorist organization Daesh and recruiting and financing terrorism.

The man is being held in custody. “The Public Prosecution Service presented to the judge of the Central Court of Criminal Investigation a person of Moroccan nationality who had been delivered to the Portuguese authorities.

After the interrogation, the judge decided, on the request by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, to apply to the defendant an arrest warrant preventive, “the Attorney General’s Office said in a statement to the media.

According to the Judiciary Police, the Moroccan citizen is 63 years old – Police source says the detainee is called Abdessalam Tazi. The suspect had been imprisoned in Germany for crimes of economic nature since early summer. The Attorney General’s Office says that DCIAP is investigating “the practice of crimes of support to the international terrorist organization (Daesh-ISIS) and recruitment and financing of terrorism.”

The PJ, through the National Counter Terrorism Unit, has developed an investigation since 2015 in which it gathered evidence linking two men of foreign nationality to international terrorism, one of whom has now been detained and will now be questioned by a judge for enforcement Measures.