On 18th February the GNR Territorial Command of Aveiro, through the Criminal Investigation Nucleus (NIC) of Anadia, have identified three men, all aged 23, in Vila Nova de Gaia for thefts from vehicles.

The identified individuals are suspected of having carried out about 300 such thefts between April 2018 and February of this year, which occurred at various parking lots of catering establishments along the National Highway EN1.

The investigation culminated in the execution of three search warrants, resulting in the seizure of: 14 mobile phones; five portable computers; four tablets; three vehicle keys; a camara and a watch. The three suspects were constituted defendants and subject to expiration of identity and residence.

This police operation was supported by the Criminal Investigation Nuclei of Ovar, Oliveira de Azeméis, Santa Maria da Feira and with the support of the Public Security Police.