Although reported in Spain this is a scam involving English speaking fraudsters to be aware of.

On 3rd June 2014, The technological Research Unit of the Spanish National Police reported that they had recently received several inquiries and complaints from people who have been victims of a fraud committed over the telephone. Those affected received a call from a person speaking English, with an accent of southern Asia, posing as a member of the technical support of leading multinational software.

The technician informs the user of a security problem on the computer and asks the user to remotely access your computer to fix it. With control of the PC in their hands, the authors demand money to install a security system, and if the affected person decides not to pay, they will block the computer.

The vast majority of people affected by these malicious calls are in English-speaking countries, mainly North America and the UK, although specialists in technological research of the National Police have identified the first cases of this fraud in Spain.

The first victims in our country are scattered in various provinces as Segovia, Cordoba and Cadiz and one of them has come to lose about 200 euros. This phone fraud in particular, communication is done in English and the number from which the call is made hidden or sometimes starts with different international codes appears.

Tips to avoid becoming a victim of this fraud

–         If you are not a customer or have not requested assistance, ignore phone calls made on behalf of the service of any company.

–         Do not allow access to your computer to any unknown person

–         Do not pay any monetary amount or provide information about your credit card to pay for services you did not request

In the case of falling into deception is recommended that you contact your Internet service provider to check your network connection and verify if any unlawful access to your router has taken place. If you have been defrauded then in Portugal you should report the matter to the Judicial Police