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Since 4th of April, SCP have received 1574 Euro in donations. Thank you so much for this contribution to our non-profit organization!
SCP is run by unpaid volunteers, so this means that the money goes directly on expenditure that benefits the public.
During Covid-19 crises, we are proud to say that SCP has been one of the most important channels for the foreign community to get updated and confirmed information in english.
All the kind words and love we get from our followers is what keeps us volunteers going every day. Thank you!
Although, even in times we don´t have an ongoing major incident, we still provide information that is useful in the daily life – crime prevention, security advice, information for tourists etc.
This is why we also need donations – to be able to have the tools we need.
If you have the possibility and want to donate, you find all information about how to do it here:
The money is being/will be spent as follows:
· Maintenance of our website,
· Developing further features and upgrade/replacement for
the future of the website
· General admin including stationary items
· Printing costs
· Newsletter
Once again; from our hearts, thank you for your support! Together we make our lives in wonderful Portugal even better!
SCP Team
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