The Judicial Police conduct an operation aimed at the illegal activity of a private security company, and arrest two of its leaders

It was reported on 27th June that the Judicial Police, through the National Counter Terrorism Unit, in conjunction with the Central Bureau of Investigation and Penal Action (DCIAP), conducted a sting operation by executing several warrants at residences and non-banking institutions in the regions of Leiria, Nazaré and Póvoa de Varzim following an investigation into crimes of conspiracy, tax and money laundering.

Searches, which included senior staff of the Tax Authority, focused on the residences of suspects, as well as a private security company. The Office of Asset Recovery (GRA) PJ seized several hundred thousand euros in cash, in addition to several top of the range cars, and a boat. Two senior officials of the security company were arrested.

The arrested persons are also being held in connection with criminal association, whose activities, through this operation have been interrupted. Both defendants were present at the first court hearing in Central Court of Criminal Instruction, for application of remand conditions

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