It was reported on 22nd July 2014 that the Judicial Police, through the National Anti-Corruption Unit (UNCC), in collaboration with the Maritime Police, under International Cooperation and in compliance with a request of the authorities of the Republic of Ireland, participated in an investigation into an international organized group trying to smuggle tobacco yu using a merchant ship.

The operation, which mobilized many inspectors of the Judicial Police throughout the territory, was triggered after several months of investigation and involved, among other countries, Slovenia, place of shipment of merchandise, Portugal and the Republic of Ireland, the country of destination and landing.

The operation culminated in the arrest of some of the crew members of  vessel, the seizure of the vessel “MV Shingle” operating under  the Moldovan flag on the date of the seizure, as well as 32 ​​million cigarettes and about 4 tons of tobacco for hookah, valued at 14 million Euros.

The international organized group is composed of citizens of the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom, and the twelve ship’s crew are Ukrainian nationality. This is the largest seizure of contraband tobacco this year in Europe.