Following a 5 month investigation the Police Criminal Investigation unit of PSP Portimão arrested on 19th June at 0100 hrs a person aged 34 years, for possession and trafficking of narcotic drugs, in the center of Portimão.

Items seized were 35 doses of heroin, 26 doses of cocaine and 25 €, suspected to be the proceeds from the sale of narcotics.

Later, at about 10.15 hrs , following the execution of search warrants at a house and a car, a man aged 29 years and a woman aged 32 years were arrested for drug trafficking. As a result of the searches,1860 individual doses of heroin, 2185 individual doses of cocaine, 1 car, 5 phones, 2 cameras, 2 computers, 1 precision scale, about 1200 Euros in cash and various materials involved  in the handling and packaging of narcotics were seized.

The suspect will be present at the Court of Portimão on 20th June.