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Together for Road Safety

Considering that Christmas and New Year’s time is traditionally associated with an increase in road traffic, with this year’s prediction of adverse weather conditions for the coming days, the Republican National Guard and Public Safety Police – and the National Emergency and Civil Protection Authority are increasing road presence, increasing the safety of the Portuguese.
ANEPC triggers road prevention and intervention device
The National Civil Protection and Emergency Authority (ANEPC) will trigger a Road Prevention and Intervention Device for this holiday season, which aims to contribute to an effective chain of relief.
The ANEPC will thus mobilise adequate human and material resources, raising the level of readiness, speed of intervention and quality of relief service in the pre-hospital area and further contributing, through a visible presence in strategic locations, as a factor raising awareness of road safety promotion and reducing accident.
This Road Prevention and Intervention Device will be triggered on December 23, 24 and 26 and December 31 and January 2, comprising 780 firefighters and 236 Fire Department s’ vehicles with relief valences, which will be permanently ready prepositioned in 123 strategic locations, near the roadways with the largest traffic flow, depending on the history and dynamics of the pendular movements occurring in every district.
GNR and PSP boost awareness and oversight for Christmas and New Year
This strong presence of ANEPC on the Portuguese roads joins the already usual reinforcement of awareness and oversight actions of Security Forces in Christmas and New Year’s seasons.
The Republican National Guard (GNR) already has Operation ′′ Christmas and New Year 2021 ′′ on the ground, which runs until January 2, with the aim of intensifying road patrolling on the highest traffic routes during this period, through the patrolling effort to ensure festivities and travel safely.
The Guard will take into account the largest road flow on the paths of residence of citizens to holiday venues associated with Christmas and New Year celebrations.
During the operation, several valences from the various GNR Units will be committed to various patrolling, surveillance and awareness actions, paying particular attention to driver s’ risk behaviors, such as speeding, dangerous manoeuvres, correct signalling and execution of overtaking manoeuvres change of direction and transfer of passage, misuse of mobile phone, correct right-lane traffic, as well as incorrect or non-use of the seat belt and / or child restraint systems.
Also the Public Security Police (PSP) has already started the operation ′′ Always Present Police: Parties in Security 2021-2022 ′′ with the slogan ′′ Celebrate with us safely “, strengthening your presence on the roads until 3th january
PSP will increase its presence on the public road, strengthening visibility and ability to prevent occurrences, contributing to increased citizen s’ sense of safety. Police will intensify oversight operations these days, with particular focus on the main causes of sinisterity: excessive speed, mobile phone use during driving, no use of safety belt and restraint and driving systems under the effect of alcohol and psychotropic substances.
This increase in taxation will take place in the week before Christmas, not only in large urban centres but also in access to the main road lines.
ANSR also on the roads with awareness campaigns
The National Road Safety Authority (ANSR) will launch two campaigns – Christmas and New Year – aimed at raising drivers aware of the hazards associated with risk behaviors at the wheel, such as speeding, the effect of alcohol or the use of cell phone on travel to family gathering places or fun and homecoming. Under the mote ′′ The Best Gift Is To Be Present “, campaigns will be made public on television, radio, regional and local press and on social media, among other means, during the periods from 22 to 27 December and 28 December 2nd January.

The two campaigns will feature more than 70 partners, who associate themselves with the great collective purpose of ′′ saving lives ′′ and the goal of Zero Deaths on the road.