Lusa new agency have reported today that road users contacted by phone or by SMS to pay off debts allegedly owed to the Portuguese toll road management company Brisa are the potential victims of fraud, the latter company warned.

The statement said the company had learned of such contacts whereby the caller who claims to be from the company, informs the person that they owe money to the company and provides them with a bank account to pay this to or asks for bank account details.

“We would inform our users that these are fraudulent contacts, totally alien to this company and that might jeopardise the privacy and security of clients and harm their interests,” said Brisa, one of the main highway operators in Portugal.

Brisa added that the company only ever contacted clients by letter for the regularising of such debts and that it would be taking legal action over the incidents “in order to guarantee its own interests along with those of its clients.”

SCA Advice – If you are contacted in this way do not pass on any personal details and instead try and obtain the senders/callers number and report to police.