Algarve Situation Report Saturday 12th June 2021 


Aljezur, Albufeira and Loulé are the three Algarve municipalities with more than 120 cases of Covid-19 per 100,000 inhabitants, according to an update made this Friday, June 11, by the General Directorate of Health (DGS).

The municipality with the most delicate situation at the moment, albeit controlled, is Aljezur, with 161 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

This municipality is, moreover, considered of low density, having a new limit for the application of restrictions.

Albufeira registers an incidence of 142 and Loulé (121), a little above the risk threshold defined by the Government.

Algarve health professionals with electronic mannequins capable of having symptoms and reacting to treatments

Like aviation pilots, the Algarve’s health professionals will be able to train procedures over and over again without an error being fatal.

As explained in a report from the Algarve Regional Coordination and Development Commission (CCDR), the Centre for Clinical Simulation of the Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences of the University of Algarve is preparing to, from September, open its doors to continuous training in hospital teams with electronic mannequins capable of having symptoms and reacting to treatments.

The wide mirrored glass side walls and the high definition video cameras installed in the ceiling suggest that the approximately 30 square meters painted in white will be, more than a hospital emergency room, a theatre of operations scrutinized in detail by many eyes and ears. “On the other side of this glass there will be observers, while, behind this one, an instructor is controlling the clinical episode and introducing the variables that the team in the room will have to be able to respond to”, explains Guy Vieira, coordinator of the Centre of Clinical Simulation that begins to take shape at the Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences of the University of Algarve.

When the new school year starts, in September, the space will already be equipped just like a hospital unit, but with a fundamental difference that will make it the focus of attention: on the stretcher, instead of a flesh-and-blood patient, there will be a mannequin equipped with multiple high-fidelity sensors capable of recreating the basic functions of the human body. It will be in it that the symptoms generated by computer programs designed to recreate the clinical cases that will put the region’s health professionals to the test will be reflected.

“Let’s assume that we are simulating an acute pulmonary edema and that the instructor decides to generate a significant drop in oxygenation, which is a common symptom in such a situation”, exemplifies the faculty oncologist. “This variation will have to be reflected in the oximeter of the monitors, the team will have to notice and the team leader will have to take measures in relation to it, probably ordering oxygen administration. These simulators are already so evolved that they are able to identify the oxygen administered and in what quantity and react in a physiological way, as the human body would react”.

Tavira, Faro and Vila do Bispo among municipalities across the country with more “zero pollution” beaches

Tavira, Alcobaça and Porto Santo (Madeira), with four, Faro, Vila do Bispo, Peniche and Sesimbra, with three, are the counties in the country with the most “zero pollution” beaches, according to the evaluation of ZERO – Associação Sistema Terrestre Sustentável, released today.

In the Algarve, in all, there are 14 beaches, in six municipalities, with this classification of water, sand and air without any pollution. Thus, de Tavira (4 beaches) are in the list Barril, Cabanas-Mar, Ilha de Tavira-Mar and Terra Estreita; Faro (3), the beaches of Barreta, Culatra-Mar and Ilha do Farol-Mar, while Vila do Bispo (3) are considered Castelejo, Cordoama and Martinhal.

Loulé has two zero pollution beaches: Ancão and Quinta do Lago. Finally, Aljezur (Vale Figueira) and Castro Marim (Alagoa-Altura) have a beach each.

Altogether, according to the environmental association, there are 53 zero pollution beaches in Portugal, evaluated according to parameters that ZERO considers to be “truly what is desired on a European scale within the framework of the European Ecological Pact, in particular within the scope of the Action Plan for Zero Pollution».

A zero pollution beach is one in which no microbiological contamination was detected in the analyzes carried out on the bathing waters over the last three bathing seasons.



Algarve Situation Report Wednesday 9th June 2021


Awareness raising action for the situation of refugees arrives at Mar Shopping.

The action is promoted by the IKEA Foundation which, in collaboration with several partners, has the mission to support and help people in vulnerable communities to have better living conditions.

In a statement, the MAR Shopping Algarve and MAR Shopping Matosinhos shopping centers make it known that they will receive, until June 20, an installation by Better Shelter, an entity dedicated to building shelters for refugees and displaced persons forced.

This action includes installations of real shelters (Better Shelters), which will enable visitors to understand how this solution can help and improve the lives of people who, due to war, natural disasters, political instability or economic insecurity, are forced to leave their homes and to become refugees.

Additionally, it will be possible to follow, through the social networks of the MAR Shopping malls, real stories of people who, thanks to the work of the IKEA Foundation and its partners, now have a more positive outlook for the future.

The same statement goes forward that MAR Shopping Algarve and MAR Shopping Matosinhos are part of eight Ingka Centres shopping centres that will exhibit Better Shelter shelters, in order to raise awareness of the situation of 80 million people currently living displaced throughout the world. These shelters are temporary and versatile solutions that allow us to offer the basic conditions of housing, security and privacy for those in a refugee situation.

Arrested suspected of kidnapping man in Alcoutim for alleged debt.

A man suspected of kidnapping another in Alcoutim as a result of an alleged debt was arrested and presented to the Faro Court, subject to presentations to the authorities.

The 34-year-old defendant was present on Monday at the first judicial interrogation at the Faro Criminal Instruction court, which also determined the prohibition of contact with the 31-year-old victim, according to a statement from the Faro District Attorney.

The suspect’s arrest followed a warrant issued by the Department of Investigation and Criminal Action (DIAP) of Faro, after an investigation by the Judiciary Police, which carried out the arrest.

The abduction, which took place at the end of April, will be the result of the sale of a high-end vehicle to the victim and the fact that his payment “is in default”, he adds.

According to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, “the suspect and three individuals went to the victim’s workplace” in Alcoutim, and on the spot they approached the victim, “punching and kicking” him.

The men “introduced the victim into a car” and transported her to Loulé.

The victim managed to flee when the suspect and the other three men tried to get hold of a vehicle.

Albufeira creates “Cabinet SOS Empresas” in partnership with ACRAL.

The municipality of Albufeira signed a co-operation protocol with ACRAL – Association of Commerce and Services of the Algarve, for the creation of the “Cabinet SOS Empresas”.

It is a structure that aims to support, guide, inform, monitor and promote the economic fabric of the municipality of Albufeira, improving the response to the serious problems that local entrepreneurs are experiencing, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

A situation that, in the opinion of the mayor of Albufeira, “has uncovered the weaknesses of the economic sector that was most prospering”.

Following the experience acquired with the “Cheque-Prenda” program, an initiative carried out with ACRAL, José Carlos Rolo underlined that “that association promoted a consultation with its members to understand the difficulties they have felt in evaluating the measures that have been taken being decreed by the government over time, as well as to inquire about the need to implement new measures to support the regional economy”.

The mayor justifies that to overcome the urgent need to support companies in the municipality that suffer from a too gradual recovery and without financial return for long periods, the need arose to create the “Cabinet SOS Empresas”, an initiative based on a multi-disciplinary team that “aimed at providing answers in sensitive areas such as legal, accounting or financial, banking, support and applications, among others fundamental to the survival of companies”.

The Office is dedicated to providing quick information, with guidance on the incentives and support available to companies in financial difficulties, presenting solutions in various aspects, streamlining procedures and developing partnerships that can enhance economic activity, encouraging the recovery of suffocated companies by the economic crisis caused by Covid-19.

Vodafone expands optical fibre in Vila Real de Santo António and in the municipality of Lagos.

Vodafone Portugal announced in a statement that it has extended the coverage of its fibre service in the centre of Vila Real de Santo António, and to the parishes of Luz, Santa Maria, São Sebastião and Odiáxere in the municipality of Lagos.

According to the company, this expansion is part of the commitment assumed to take its fibre optic network to 5.3 million families and companies in the country, “allowing consumers greater freedom of choice and ensuring access for all to the benefits of digital economy”.

The expansion of Vodafone Portugal’s optical fibre in Vila Real de Santo António and Lagos also enables companies to access integrated telecommunications and information technology services, such as fixed internet solutions, cybersecurity, cloud applications, Internet of Things, among other innovative services, was said in the same statement.

Algarve Situation Report Saturday 5th June 2021



The Algarve has 276 active cases of Covid.19, informed the District Commission for Civil Protection of Faro based on data from ARS Algarve.

Until yesterday, 22,094 infected were registered, 11 more in the last 24 hours and 21,462 recovered (cumulative).

There are 261 patients recovering at home and 15 hospitalized, 2 in the Intensive Care Units and 1 ventilated. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 356 deaths have been registered in the region.

At the moment 894 people are under active surveillance.

Compared to last week’s bulletin, 43 more active cases and 142 new cases are confirmed. A further 99 people are recovered.

There are 5 more hospitalized (15), maintaining the number of patients in intensive care (2) and ventilated (1). Another 55 people are under active surveillance.


Covid-19: Removing Portugal from the “green list” was a British political decision, says Turismo do Algarve

Faro, 04 June (Lusa) – The president of Tourism of the Algarve, João Fernandes, today classified as “political” the decision of the United Kingdom to remove Portugal from the “green list” of travels, imposing a quarantine from Tuesday on those who reaches British territory.

“It is a decision that the British Government took as a matter of internal policy and not as a matter of risk”, said the president of the Algarve Tourism Region (RTA), stressing that the justification given by the UK authorities “does not use Portugal as a reference” for covid-19 infections and even Malta, “which has an incidence of nine cases per 100,000 inhabitants, was left out” of the “green list”.

João Fernandes acknowledged that the British decision “has a clear impact on the region”, as the United Kingdom is the “main source market” of tourists to the Algarve, and regretted the “embarrassment” that the measure causes, “from the outset for those who already they are here and are scheduled to return after Tuesday, which is the day from which this measure takes effect”.

“We are already witnessing a concentration of repatriation flights and a cancellation of flights for the subsequent period and of hotel reservations as well. We hope that this measure is reviewed as soon as possible, because it is completely unfair”, he considered.

João Fernandes also said that the Algarve had “100,000 movements of passengers of British origin during the last two weeks” and that, according to data provided by the Regional Health Administration among British passengers, “there was only a record – and all of them are tested – six cases”.

“Six cases per 100,000 inhabitants is a much lower number than that registered in the United Kingdom itself, not least because the British, before traveling to Portugal, have to take a PCR [test]”, he added.

Now, he said, the region must “look forward and continue to bet on other markets that are in good demand in the Algarve, such as the German, French, Irish Spanish, Dutch markets”, which are “recognizing Portugal as a safe destination and the best beach destination in the world, according to the latest recognition from the World Travel Awards”.

The representative considers that Portugal can return to the “green list” in the next re-evaluation of the British Government, within about three weeks.

“Even because, being clearly a political decision, because the British Government bet that by June 21st it would conclude its de-confinement process, it makes sense that this review is favourable to an opening to several countries, including Portugal”, he argued.

João Fernandes also left a warning to British tourists who “are now returning in a hurry”, noting that they can use the approximately 130 covid-19 testing sites identified on the website, before traveling to the airport, to facilitate controls and their departure from the country.

Municipality of VRSA inaugurated Local Support Centre for Integration of Migrants

The municipality of Vila Real de Santo António inaugurated, last Tuesday, the Local Support Centre for the Integration of Migrants (CLAIM), operating in the main building of the City Council, from Monday to Friday, from 9:30 am to 3:00 pm, next to the customer service area.

The new office’s mission is to support the entire process of welcoming and integrating migrants, articulating its activity with various local structures and promoting inter- culturality at the local level, as explained by the municipality in a statement.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by the Secretary of State for Integration and Migration, Cláudia Pereira, the Mayor of VRSA, Luís Romão, and the Board Member of the High Commission for Migration, José Reis.

CLAIM is a service provided by the Municipality’s Division of Social Development and Human Resources that results from a protocol signed with the High Commission for Migration, IP. It will provide support and general information in areas such as regularization, nationality, family reunification, housing, voluntary return, work, health, education, among other issues.


Algarve Situation Report Wednesday 2nd June 2021


COVID-19: Unilabs and HPA Saúde Group inaugurate laboratory in Faro.

Unilabs Portugal and the HPA Saúde Group, with the collaboration of the Faro City Council, inaugurated, on Monday, May 31, a new Molecular Biology Laboratory.

The new structure, integrated in the «Summer Safe Algarve» operation, will allow to expand the response capacity in quantity and response time to Covid-19 tests, especially at the level of the standard PCR tests.

The Molecular Biology Laboratory will have the capacity to carry out more than 15,000 tests per day and represents an investment of 1.5 million euros, with the creation of 100 jobs in the laboratory and in the testing network to be set up on the ground, throughout the Algarve region.

With the increase in tourism expected for the summer months in the Algarve, and the mandatory testing to enter Portugal and return to the countries of origin, Unilabs, in partnership with the HPA Saúde Group, will thus strengthen the capacity testing facilities in the region, allowing for a quicker response, without the need to transport samples outside the district.

The screening centre is located at Rua Engenheiro Nuno Abecassis, in Faro, parallel to the Decathlon chain store in Faro.

Hand in hand with the installation of this centre, a network of specific locations and routes programmed in hotel units will be created, in order to expand the ease and convenience in accessing these health services.


Covid-19: Rolling Loud Portugal Festival that would take place in Portimão is postponed again to 2022.

The North American festival Rolling Loud, which was due to open in July in Europe with an event in Portimão, has been postponed to 2022 because of the pandemic situation, the organization announced today.

“While we see that the world is opening up again and we are encouraged by many positive indicators about European travel, stays and events, we feel that the rescheduling of the festival is the best in the name of the safety of all our fans traveling to Portugal, to the festival “, reads a statement shared on social networks.

The first edition of Rolling Loud Portugal should have already taken place in Portimão in the summer of 2020, next to Praia da Rocha, but it was postponed to July this year, but it is now rescheduled, due to the pandemic, for the days from 06 to 08 July 2022.

The festival, made mainly of hip hop, had on the poster names like Travis Scott, A $ AP Rocky, Future, Wiz Khalifa, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Chief Keef, City Girls, Dababy, Gucci Mane, Gunna and Meek Mill.

The organization does not give names for 2022, saying only that it is working “in the biggest hip hop line-up that Europe has ever seen”.

According to the organization, the tickets already purchased are valid for 2022, but a refund will also be possible.

Calling itself the largest hip-hop festival in the world, Rolling Loud only admits those over 18 years of age.


One dead and one injured in a vehicle crash into a ravine in Silves.

The falling of an off-road vehicle into a ravine in the area of ​​São Bom Homem, in the municipality of Silves, today caused a death and a person slightly injured a source from Civil Protection told Lusa.

According to the District Relief Operations Centre (CDOS) in Faro, the accident that occurred in the middle of the afternoon on Monday resulted in the death of a 62-year-old man and injuries to a 57-year-old woman, both of German nationality.

“The causes of the accident are being investigated” said the source.

In the rescue operations of the victims, 25 members of the firefighters from Silves, from the National Institute for Medical Emergency (INEM) and from the National Republican Guard, from the Municipal Civil Protection of Silves, were involved, supported by an INEM helicopter.