Ultra Violet (UV) Awareness and Protection

Solar radiation is an important natural factor of the Earth’s climate significantly influencing the environment. The ultraviolet part of the solar spectrum (UV) plays a decisive role in many processes in the biosphere, having many beneficial effects, however can cause serious damage to health if the UV level exceeds the limits of “security.” UV levels in Portugal are measured from 1 – 11+, the latter being the highest.

It is important to regularly check UV levels in your area if you are planning outdoor activities. The levels are monitored by the IPMA and can be checked by referring to the tab on the right of this page, together with the level of protection recommended.

The UV average for Portugal between the months of October and April range from levels 3 and 6, i.e. Moderate with the possibility of High at times, increasing from 9 to 10 between May and September, which corresponds to Very High.

Before venturing out in the sun check the IPMA daily UV risk map and this can be downloaded here.


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