“It is essential to protect ourselves and others. It is essential that everyone wear masks and we must all be responsible to ourselves and others, “said the Minister of Infrastructure and Housing, Pedro Nuno Santos, referring to the use of this protective equipment, which becomes mandatory in public transport.

During a visit to the Infrastructure Security Center of Portugal, in Lisbon, the Minister referred that in some trains in the metropolitan areas of Porto and Lisbon, the control of the capacity “is very difficult”, because “the infrastructure capacity at peak hours is full”.

“There is a dimension of individual responsibility that we want people to incorporate and realize that it is up to you, too, to ensure that the train is not overcrowded, that they do not enter a train that is already very full and that they always wear the mask, not only inside the train , but also inside the station”, he said.

On the first day of the plan defined by the Government for the progressive reopening of services and commerce, Pedro Nuno Santos said that “the entire offer was restored to 100%” and “signalling at all stations” was placed. The Minister also said that the trains “still have a good capacity, which allows distance, and the overwhelming majority of people are wearing a mask”.

Pedro Nuno Santos also said that security forces are at various stations to alert and recommend the use of a mask, adding that “in the coming days the pressure on public transport, and trains in particular, may increase and the security forces will enforce the law”.

The Minister also acknowledged that there are difficulties in reinforcing the offer of trains on some lines, as is the case with the Sintra and Cascais lines, so he appealed to the responsibility of each user to avoid getting on already full trains, thus helping to fulfill the maximum capacity. two-thirds defined by the authorities.