The Metropolitan Command of Lisbon of the PSP, through the Police Division of Vila Franca de Xira, in an investigation begun about a year ago, conducted several police operations resulting in the arrest of six suspects, aged between 28 and 38 years, from Eastern European countries who were involved in theft in residential homes.

The suspects were regularly undertaking in burglaries by break-ins stealing jewellery and money.

In the execution of Arrest Warrants issued by the Judicial Authority, the following seizures were made; 5 vehicles (high cylinder), stolen from the interior of the dwellings (with their own keys) and used for the consummation of other burglaries;  Several articles used for the practice of robberies: Tools; Communications equipment (mobile phones and walkie-talkies);  Specific clothing (clothing, gloves, caps and footwear); Several jewels and objects in gold; Luxury watches; Multiple car keys, of unknown origin; 2650 Euros, and 50 US Dollars;

The detainees were present at the Court of Vila Franca de Xira, for the first judicial interrogation, and the measure of coercion of presentations 5 times a week for two of the detainees and the most serious measure of preventive detention, was applied to the remaining four detainees.