Borba Volunteer Firefighters were attacked and beaten early on Saturday within their own headquarters by a group of “about 20 people”. Two persons were injured.

According to Fire Commander Joaquim Branco, “around 0.30 hrs, a group of about 20 Roma people went to the station to make an alleged distress call for a person who was unconscious, but was not”. “Firefighters asked if they had called 112, but they said “no” nor had to do it, and what they required was help for a situation that did not really match the initial information.”

After responding that the Integrated Emergency Medical System had to be informed and activated, one of the group “punched a fire fighter” and, after the firemen closed the door, the attackers broke the windows, and through various items at another firefighter.

The group then broke into the barracks and chased other volunteers who fled and hid. Only after the GNR were called and responded through a patrol in the Évora district, and a car from the PSP Intervention Corps, did the attackers leave.  The two firefighters were treated at Estremoz Health Centre. The GNR stayed in place to control the situation.

Although the injuries were “not serious,” the firefighters were “very psychologically affected,” the commander said. The picket that remained for the rest of the night in the barracks was accompanied by a GNR patrol. No one has yet been identified or arrested.

he commander also revealed that some security-enhancing measures will be taken, namely “raising alert levels, coordinating with the Republican National Guard, notably Borba’s post, with the aim of providing sufficient support for situations that prove to be worrying ” because” there have been more situations, but not with such seriousness. ”