Community support for COVID19 – Volunteering and seeking help

In times of crisis, there will be many people who are disadvantaged in some way, through personal loss of a family member; those who are vulnerable and cannot continue to go to shops for necessities, those who require psychological support and those who have suffered financially, to name but a few.

In these hard times the work of support and humanitarian organisations and volunteers is vital. However they need your help to help others.

Unfortunately criminals may attempt to exploit the situation for their own gain. It is important therefore to avoid those, and support legitimate groups who are doing great work.

Safe Communities Portugal has put together a list of those, that we are aware of, who are able to provide support and assistance to those disadvantaged. There will be others of course.

A good place to search for such assistance are the Câmaras Municípais

To find your local one with contact details VISIT HERE

English Speaking Facebook Groups Coordinating Help

Non-Registered groups providing essential assistance in the Algarve

Algarve Network for Families in Need

A long standing and respected group of community supporting those in need. Bernard Abbott is coordinating help for Families in Need in the Algarve. Check the group for appeals and private message the admin if help is needed.

Support for Families in the Algarve

Su Davis is coordinating support for families who are struggling and local businesses too. They are in particular operating a “Food for Families” campaign and also appealing for funds to support locally run initiatives.

Advice, Care and Support Algarve

Set up to support families and people who are caring for an unwell or elderly family member, but also extending to the wider community. Admins are Michelle Wainwright, Margaret Harris and Simon Raines

International Organisations offering support and fundraising

Almancil International Rotary Club

Nate from FB page post on Almancil Rotary club’s page

“District 1960 saw its application approved within the scope of the CATASTROPHIES SUBSIDY – COVID 19 – THE ROTARY FOUNDATION and our District was awarded the maximum amount of support per District, which is $ 25,000 / € 23,000.
In view of the foregoing and given that the grant amount has already been credited today, the application period for this grant is open from today 06/04/2020 to 04/13/2020 by the Clubs of the District 1960 given the urgency that we have to support communities.
More details can be obtained from the Rotary Foundation’s Presidents, Secretaries, Assistant Governors and club officials to whom all supporting information has been sent.”

Lions Club of Vilamoura

Set up to serve the community voluntarily, particularly to support projects with young people.

Lions Club of Lagos (English speaking)

National help for immigrants to Portugal

Help From São Bras council for immigrants

The Migrant Integration Local Support Centre seeks to support the foreign community, at this very difficult time with telephone and email assistance on Wednesdays and Thursdays, from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm and from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Telephone assistance is available by contacting: 289 840 020 and by E-mail through the address:

COVINDEX –A portal for all initiatives taking place across Portugal to support the fight against COVID19 virus

Register as a volunteer with your skill here:

A volunteer technology organisation set up to fight the virus by supporting technology projects to meet the needs of different groups.

COVID19 Volunteer Platform – CASES

Cooperativa António Sérgio para a Economia Social

Portal aimed at national mobilization for voluntary work in institutions that support the elderly, in order to meet needs arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We will take care of those who took care of us.”

Be part of the volunteer movement and come to support the work that is done in homes and institutions that support the elderly. Return some of the care you have already received. We count on you!

A platform which provides voluntary and solidarity initiatives from North to South of the country.

All information is available here:

To publicise initiatives, identify needs or obtain more information, contact:

Specific Local Initiatives

Volunteering banks – If you want to sign up with your camara as a volunteer

Albufeira Volunteering Bank. If you want and can be part of the Volunteer Corps to combat Covid-19, register here for Volunteering If you are interested in volunteering, you should contact the social services of the Municipality or, so that we can deal with accident insurance essential for this purpose, as well as receiving the necessary guidance and referral to the various services / areas, entities / institutions. For volunteering, the following data must be sent: Full name; taxpayer number; citizen card number or identity card, address and telephone contact, and service you intend to perform.