Following the contact with the Portuguese Institute of Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA) held today, the 6th of August, the National Relief Operations Command (CNOS) of the National Civil Protection Authority (ANPC), is as follows:

Temperature – A gradual Increase in temperature with highs in the interior of around 40 ° C on Saturday and minimum above 20 ° C.

Wind – predominantly moderate north quadrant (<35 km / h) with gusts of around 50 km / h on the west coast in the afternoon. For tomorrow, 07 August it is forecast to intensify from the north  on the coast and in the highlands, where there may be gusts of around 65 km / h. This will be from the east quadrant in the morning and at the end of Saturday in the highlands.

Relative humidity of the air – remain <20% inside and tending to worsen in the coming days.

Fire risk – to remain in the wider territory levels “high” and “very high”.

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ANPC notifies that, in accordance with the legal provisions in force, is not allowed in all rural areas:

  • Carrying out fires, or fires for recreational or pleasure, or cooking food;
  • Use of burning and combustion equipment for illumination or cooking food;
  • Burn cut and piled woods and any surplus of exploitation;
  • The release of balloons with burning fuse or any other type of rocket;
  • Smoking or naked flames of any kind in forest areas and pathways that to circle;
  • The fumigation or disinfection of apiaries with fumigators that are not equipped with sparks of restraint systems.

If you make agricultural and forestry work, keep the machinery and equipment clean oils and beware of the possibility of sparks during use.

The ANPC also advices appropriate behaviour and attitudes towards forest fire danger, particularly with the adoption of the necessary preventive and precautionary measures, observing the prohibitions in force and taking special attention to the evolution of fire danger for the next days, available from the Internet sites of the ANPC and IPMA, the Forestry Technical Offices of Municipalities and Fire Stations.

Taking into account the current meteorological situation, it is also possible this may affect the most vulnerable population groups (elderly and children, homeless and sick suffering from cardiorespiratory disorders) due to the heat. It is recommended that people observe the main measures of self-protection for these situations, as published by the Health General Directorate in

Depending on the forecast weather trends can be expected:

Dry weather and moderate wind with the permanence of favourable conditions for the eventual occurrence and spread of forest fires.