Dismantled human trafficking network in Spain.

Spanish police dismantled an international organization dedicated to human trafficking and arrested 12 people, including the group’s leader, Cabecilha a Central African who lived between Portugal and Germany,

According to a press release published by the Spanish Civil Guard (corresponding to the Portuguese GNR), most of the detainees are of Sub-Saharan and Moroccan origin.

During the operation searches were carried out mainly in Spain, with three being carried out in Portugal, two in Germany and one person was detained in the Netherlands.

Since the beginning of the investigation, nearly 1,000 victims, including women and children, have been identified, seized two kilograms of marijuana and it is estimated that more than 500,000 euros have been confiscated.

The operation began in 2018, when Civil Guard agents detected that a “large number of undocumented immigrants” were being transferred to France under duress.

The victims were mostly African migrants, among whom it was common to find minors and pregnant women who were recruited in their countries of origin to work irregularly and precariously in Spain, from where they were later taken to France, Belgium and Germany for a fee of 500 to 750 euros. To guarantee payment, offenders often took advantage of the extreme vulnerability in which migrants found themselves, even going so far as to abandon a child who could not pay the full amount required for passage.

A part of this organisation had their headquarters in Spain and was composed mainly of sub-Saharan citizens who lived in the province of Lérida and was headed by the head of the organization in Spain, from the city of Roselló (Catalonia).

According to the Spanish Civil Guard, “the leader at the international level”, known as “the chief”, was an individual of Central African origin, residing in Portugal and Germany. This individual had a history of being involved in irregular immigration activity in other European countries and boasted 25 years of experience in this activity. To increase profits, “the boss” created a business and real estate structure, which allowed him to also attract Asian immigrants (usually Nepalese, Hindus, Pakistanis), who moved from Germany to the Iberian Peninsula, mostly to Portugal.

The network organized ‘non-stop’ trips across the Iberian Peninsula-Germany, using rented vans or one of the organization’s 12 vehicles on behalf of others, which they filled with migrants and fuel barrels, maximizing per trip profits.

Suspects detained in the Azores for trafficking and production of ‘Crystal Meth’

Four suspects were seized at a clandestine amphetamine manufacturing laboratory, 144 doses of drugs, several vehicles and a “high value” recreational vehicle were seized.

APSP detained four men, aged between 34 and 45, this Sunday, on the island of São Jorge, in the Azores, involved in the criminal activity of drug trafficking and production of narcotic products.

In a statement sent to Notícias ao Minuto, PSP clarifies that the seized drug is commonly called ‘Crystal Meth’.

During the three house searches and one non-resident search, the authorities seized several objects related to the production of the above-mentioned product, a clandestine laboratory for the manufacture of amphetamines, as well as 144 doses of narcotics.

Several vehicles and a recreational vessel of high value were also apprehended, due to suspicions of being related to the crime.

The detainees will be presented at a judicial hearing where they will be served with adequate disciplinary measures fitting their crimes.


PSP performed blood donations for the Portuguese Blood Institute

June 14 was World Blood Donor Day and the PSP, setting an example of citizenship, held a blood collection session, promoted by the Portuguese Institute for Blood and Transplantation, IP (IPST) – Lisbon Blood and Transplantation Centre, at the headquarters of the Special Police Unit, in Belas.

The PSP informs that: “they donated along with the, UEP police, PSP’s Criminal Investigation Department and the Symphonic Band. Despite the contingencies resulting from the current pandemic situation, it was possible to adjust the security protocols with the IPST and ensure the success of the blood donation.

Considering the huge turnout, a new session has already been scheduled. ‘To give blood is to offer life”.

PSP seeks to identify those involved in vandalism

PSP criminal investigation teams were mobilized to collect evidence that could lead to the identification of the perpetrators of the act of vandalism of the statue of Padre António Vieira, in Lisbon. Damage to monuments constitutes a public crime and the process will be forwarded to the Public Ministry.

Criminal investigation teams from the Public Security Police (PSP) carried out an investigation this Thursday in the Largo Trindade Coelho area in Lisbon, where a statue of Father António Vieira was vandalized, a COMETLIS source told Lusa.

According to the source of the Lisbon Metropolitan Command of the PSP (COMETLIS), “there was a projection of red paint” on the figures of Father António Vieira and three children, who make up the set of sculptures, and the word ” Decolonizes “at the base of the monument.

According to the same source, after the media alert, PSP criminal investigation teams were mobilized, who took steps on the spot “to collect more and better evidence” that could lead to the identification of the perpetrators.

PSP and Tomar veterinary services collect eight dogs

The Environmental Protection Brigade of the PSP of the Tomar Police Division and the municipal veterinary services of the Câmara de Tomar carried out a joint operation on Tuesday, June 16, where they detected several irregularities with several dogs.

During the awareness-raising and inspection action aimed at legalizing and vaccinating dogs in the city of Tomar, the agents collected eight dogs that they found in unacceptable conditions in addition to the dogs collected, the authorities made several notifications to regularize the situation of dogs that did not have a chip, nor vaccines up to date.