Person arrested for alleged homicide in Olhão

The Judiciary Police (PJ) stated on Wednesday that the 53-year-old woman murdered in Olhão, allegedly by her partner, will have suffered “serious chest injuries caused by assault using a bladed weapon”.

In a statement, the PJ indicated that the victim’s companion, 82, was arrested for “strong evidence of the practice of the crime of qualified homicide”, having a “history of domestic violence”.

The suspect will be present for judicial interrogation to apply coercion measures.

The crime, according to the PJ, occurred on Wednesday inside the house where the couple lived with their two youngest children, aged 15 and 05 years old (police source had previously said that the youngest son was 4 years old).

None of the children were present at the time, but it was the eldest son who found the woman’s body.

After the crime, the suspect left the scene, appearing before the police authorities after about eight hours later.

In the set of actions carried out by the PJ, “relevant evidence elements were collected” that made it possible to carry out the “arrest of the alleged author”.

A source from the Public Security Police (PSP) revealed on Wednesday that the 82-year-old man went “voluntarily to the PSP police station in Olhão around 11:30 pm”, after having been missing for several hours.


SEF operation in Santarém – three detainees and 140 people identified as victims of illegal immigration

The Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) on 6th July complied with three arrest warrants for suspected crimes of human trafficking and aiding illegal immigration in the Santarém area. In addition to the arrests, 40 search and seizure warrants were carried out.

In the “Lezíria” operation, around 140 foreign workers mainly of Indian origin were identified, of whom about 20 were already identified as victims of the crime of trafficking in persons. These citizens were mostly subjected to degrading conditions of work, accommodation and health.

This SEF operation had as main objective the dismantling of a network of human trafficking and related crimes, with the introduction of foreign workers, some of them in an irregular situation, on agricultural holdings in Ribatejo. During the searches several computers were seized, several documentary evidence of the practice of the identified crimes and a large amount of money.

This is an investigation delegated to SEF by the Santarém Public Prosecutor’s Office and which took place over a year.

The detainees will be presented to the court for the application of the respective enforcement measures.

This operation took place with the presence of members from the Specialized Multidisciplinary Teams to Assist Victims of Human Trafficking, in order to guarantee the appropriate treatment of the situations detected there and had the support of several partners in logistical terms.

In total, 120 SEF operators participated in the operation.


A 36-year-old man abuses a nine-year-old girl

The Judiciary Police arrested the 36-year-old man in Aveiro, after suspected sexual abuse of a nine-year-old child.

The victim, a nine-year-old girl, is the daughter of a friend who welcomed the suspect into her home. The suspect has no official residence or professional occupation, according to an official statement issued by the Judiciary Police.

“The suspect has no professional occupation, nor official residence, the victim being the daughter of a friend, who gave him shelter. It was in this context of proximity that several significant sexual acts took place”, stated in an official statement released by the PSP

According to the PSP, the criminal acts occurred in one of Aveiro’s urban parishes.


PSP operation “2 or 4 wheels on the road, there is room for everyone”

The Public Security Police (PSP), between 7 and 13 July, are increasing the inspection of motor cyclists, as well as the behaviour of other road users that jeopardize the safety of motorcyclists themselves.

This operation is focusing on:

  • Dangerous driving in the context of racing, skill displays and vehicle stunts on public roads;
  • Correct use of the protective helmet;
  • Compliance with traffic lights;
  • Correction of procedures prior to the overtaking manoeuvre;
  • Correct change of the traffic lane and adequate signalling of manoeuvres;
  • Compliance with speed limits and priority rules and,
  • Detection of those drink driving.

The PSP intends, primarily, to contribute decisively so that the gradual increase in the road flow does not imply an increase in the accident rate and, on the other hand, to reinforce with the drivers the need to drive cautiously.

In the same statement, PSP reports that between January 1 and June 15, 2020, there were:

  • 13, 656 car accidents with damage (a drop of 31% compared to 2019, with 19,710 accidents) and
  • 4,727 traffic accidents with victims (a 35% drop compared to 2019, with 7,259 accidents), resulting in 36 fatalities (a 41% decrease compared to 2019, with 61 victims), and
  • 5,559 injured, 247 of whom were in serious condition (an overall variation of 38% compared to 2019, in which 8924 were injured, of which 342 were in serious condition).

From this national data, it is important to highlight that the accident rate with two-wheel motor vehicles represents, between January 1 and June 15, 2020, 35% of the accident rate with victims (1617 occurrences), resulting in 8 deaths and 1745 injuries, of which 76 in serious condition.

In the same time frame in 2019, the accident rate with two-wheel vehicles represented 31% of the overall accident rate with victims (2299 accidents), resulting in 11 fatalities and 2539 injuries, 105 of which were in serious condition.


Mother takes the life of his own son 17 years who suffered from autism.

A 17-year-old boy, who suffered from autism, was found lifeless inside a well in the Cabanelas area of Mirandela, in the district of Bragança.

The young man’s mother reportedly alerted the authorities to her son’s disappearance, indicating that the young man could possibly be inside a well, a source from GNR and Civil Protection said.

According to the same source, the young man’s mother ended up confessing to the perpetration of the crime, which led to the case being conducted by the Judiciary Police to investigate the circumstances in which the 17-year-old’s death occurred.

The alert was given at around 4:45 pm and several firefighters and GNR operatives were mobilized to the site, who found the young man’s body shortly after they emptied the well.


PSP mega operation in inspecting 2500 people in illegal races

More than 2500 people were inspected in an operation on Monday night, during PSP action against illegal races in the Industrial Zone of Barosa, in Leiria. Three people were arrested, and 42 cars were apprehended, according to Jornal de Notícias.

The mega-operation culminated in the inspection of “about 1,200 vehicles, and more than 2,500 citizens, in the execution with 3 arrests for lack of legal authorization to drive, 42 vehicles apprehended due to changes in characteristics, 22 cars for other infractions related to the Highway Code and consumption of drugs”, explains the PSP.


Braga GNR identifies 7 women and 12 clients at illicit house

The Territorial Command of Braga, through the Criminal Investigation Center (NIC) of Fafe, on July 2, identified two men, 35 and 65 years old, that were arrested for pimping and possession of prohibited weapons, in Cabeceiras de Basto.

The action was carried out following an investigation, initiated in November last year, relating to the crime of pimping, with the NIC military carrying out three search warrants, two in homes and one in a commercial establishment.

In the commercial establishment, seven women were identified, between the ages of 30 and 45, 12 clients, aged between 18 and 65, and 1260 euros and 120 condoms were seized.

Two house searches were also carried out, at the residences of the owner of the establishment and tenants of the space, in Chaves and Felgueiras, and the following material was apprehended:

  • A weapon converted into a 6.35mm calibre
  • 11 rounds of ammunition;
  • An aerosol pepper spray cannister

The suspects were accused of the crimes of pimping and possession of prohibited weapons and the facts presented to the Judicial Court of Cabeceiras de Basto.