Drugs and cash Seized

The Police Division of Ponta Delgada, alongside the Criminal Investigation Squad, detained a man suspected of drug trafficking in the São José parish after having been apprehended with about half a kilo of heroin.

According to a statement from the PSP Regional Command of the Azores, following several investigations, a police operation was carried out that made it possible to detect and seize, a substantial amount of heroin, which would allow the preparation of approximately 5,500 individual doses for consumption that was found in his possession.

Following the police intervention, which led to the arrest of the suspect at the time he was preparing to continue the criminal activity, and other articles and objects, potentially related to the criminal activity, were also apprehended, including one motor vehicle and approximately €28 000 in cash.

After the initial interrogation, the defendant was ordered to be placed in custody.

Do not be an easy Catch campaign

Campanha #NãoSejasUmaVítimaFácil

The Judiciary Police joined the INTERNATIONAL DAY OF MISSING CHILDREN, May 25, published the video “# NãoSejasUmaVítimaFácil”(do not be an easy catch), produced by the Police Expert Network on Missing Persons (PEN-MP) in close collaboration with AMBER Alert Europe, within the scope of the awareness campaign for the subject of online grooming (enticement of children and young people through the internet).

This campaign is launched this week in 23 countries and translated into 19 different languages.

Watch the following video:

Two arrested for extortion in Albufeira – GNR

 The Faro Territorial Command of the National Republican Guard (GNR), through the Criminal Investigation Center (NIC) of Loulé, on May 20, detained two men, aged 33 and 39, on suspicion of extortion, in Albufeira.

In the course of an investigation, which has been going on for 15 days, after a complaint related to an extortion crime, in which the two suspects tried to extort the amount of 10,000 euros from a citizen, through threats and physical attacks, two home searches and four vehicle searches were conducted resulting in the seizure of 16 doses of marijuana, €10,961 in cash, 8 mobile phones, 5 computer devices and various pyrotechnic devices.

The detainees, brothers and both with previous criminal records for committing other crimes, are to stand before the Faro Judicial Court.

The investigation included the reinforcement of officers from the Special Operations Intervention Group (GIOE), the Detachment of Intervention (DI) of Faro, the Sub-Detachment of Albufeira and the Criminal Investigation Center (NIC) of Albufeira, in a total of 32 operatives.

Destroyed cars and motorcycles of a neighbour

A 22-year-old has been identified by the Public Security Police after causing damage to vehicles, as well as allegedly assaulting a woman.

Police source confirmed that the PSP at around 5am had to intervene quickly in Bairro das Romeiras, in Santo António, to put an end to an aggressive behaviour, disturbances and damage towards the third parties, all carried out by the same individual.

It was reported that during the late afternoon and early evening, the PSP had been called to a bar, also in Santo António, where this same individual and some friends were causing a disturbance.

According to the same source, in the early hours of the morning, after a night of drinking and drug consumption, the young man again provoked violence, but this time on a more serious level.

Were it not for the prompt intervention of the PSP, who were at the scene with several vehicles and agents, the case could be much more serious, since the owners and family members of the battered woman were preparing to take justice into their own hands.

The situation was witnessed by several dozen neighbours and other residents, and took place over a period of time. The young man has was arrested by the PSP

 And a nice little story…….

GNR retrieves Barn Owl in Marco de Canaveses

GNR of Marco de Canaveses recovered on Tuesday, May 26, a barn owl in Marco territory.

Following a report from a passer-by that the animal, of the Tyto Furcata species, was at a gate at a residence unable to fly, the officer went to the scene and collected the bird.

The owl did not have any type of injury, so it was immediately restored to its natural habitat

In a statement, GNR gave a brief description of that species:

‘The American barn owl is a nocturnal bird of prey that is present in Portugal throughout the year. It frequently appears in the vicinity of buildings, choosing those that have openings or cavities, which can be used as a resting and nesting place. So he chooses old granaries, dilapidated buildings, steeples and even old train stations and frequents agricultural land to feed himself’.

Trial of 12 people on weapons theft charges

The start of the trial of 12 people accused of being involved in the theft of 55 Glock weapons from the gunsmith of the PSP national directorate is scheduled for June 18, in the Lisbon judicial court.

According to the Citius portal, two sessions of the trial are already scheduled for the Campus of Justice, the second of which will take place on June 19th.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office charged 12 people with the theft of PSP weapons, during the period between December 2015 and January 2017.

In the prosecution, the MP considers that PSP agent Luis Gaiba took advantage of a system that was defective in regard to supervision and control, of which he was responsible for, to steal the weapons, estimated at around 20 thousand euros, and sell them onto arms and drug trafficking syndicates.

Luís Gaiba is accused of criminal association, arms trafficking and mediation, money laundering, possession of a prohibited weapon and embezzlement. The prosecution indicates, he initiated contacts with a group of people who could put the weapons in the illegal firearms sales circuit.

Luis Gaiba, together with his wife, António Laranginha and João Paulino, were also accused in the process of theft of military weapons, two storerooms from Tancos, formed a group, which also belonged to Mário Cardoso, Armando Barros and Manuel Neves.

The group, still according to the prosecution, sold the weapons to a group of people who were accused of drug trafficking in Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom.

This case dates to January 2017, when the disappearance of Glock weapons and their cases, two porters and cleaning kits were detected, after the seizure of a police firearm during a police operation that took place in Porto.

At the time, the Ministry of Internal Affairs requested an audit by the General Inspection of Administration to harmonize the security control mechanisms for the storage of arms and ammunition by security forces.

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