GNR Reaching out to the elderly living in isolated areas

Around the country, the Republican National Guard, in partnership with Altice Portugal has been providing some unforgettable moments to the elderly living alone and / or isolated, helping them fight isolation.

Through the making of video calls, on tablets delivered to the elderly during visits by the GNR, which are part of the 65 Far + Near program, the elderly can contact the family members who are distant, making these contacts emotional but at the same time comforting.

A really excellent and well thought out program.


Two foreign nationals extradited to Portugal to face international drug trafficking charges

Last weekend, following a joint operation carried out by the Judiciary Police, through the International Cooperation Unit and the National Unit to Combat Drug Trafficking, and by the competent authorities of Montenegro, it was possible to extradite two men to Portugal. 47 and 53 years of age, who, in a criminal proceeding running under terms in our country, are strongly indicted for the crimes of aggravated drug trafficking and criminal association.

The extradites, one of dual Croatian / Dutch nationality and the other of Croatian nationality, are suspected of having joined a criminal organization with a transnational dimension responsible for sending large quantities of cocaine from South America to Europe. Together with a third individual, who was detained by the Judicial Police in June 2018, when they were crewing a recreational vessel that was intercepted off the Azores with around 1.4 tons of that type of drug on board.

In the process currently underway in Portugal, the two men, now detained as well as the third member who followed the vessel, are subject to the enforcement measures of periodic obligation to present the police authority and a ban on absent from national territory. However, they violated the conditions by going overseas.


GNR detained 202 people in the last week across the country

According to the corporation the GNR detained 202 people, half of them for illegal driving and driving under the influence of alcohol, in operations to combat crime and road enforcement carried out last week across the country.

In a statement of the summary of the week’s operational activity between May 8 and 14, the National Republican Guard highlights the following arrests having been made:

63 arrests for driving without legal authorization, 51 for driving under the influence of alcohol, 16 for drug trafficking, 11 for theft, 6 for domestic violence, 3 for illegal possession of weapons and 2 for possession of prohibited weapons.

GNR also added that, in the last week, it also seized: 1,323 doses of hashish, 77 doses of cocaine, 56 doses of heroin, 26 firearms, 15 bladed weapons, 3,645 ammunition of different calibres, 50,000 cigarettes, 1,800 kilos of fish, 1,400 kilos of shellfish, five vehicles and 3,745 euros in cash.

Within the scope of traffic inspection, the GNR military detected 3,767 infractions: 2,261 of which due to speeding, 264 related to anomalies in the lighting and signalling systems, 173 due to use of mobile phones while driving and 167 due to lack of inspection and 149 due to lack of insurance

GNR also detected 135 infractions for lack or incorrect use of the seat belt and child restraint system, 69 for driving with a blood alcohol level higher than allowed by law and 47 related to tachographs


PSP union warns of increased aggression against police

The Union of Police Professionals (SPP) lasts Sunday expressed concern about the increase in “aggressions, disrespect and disobedience” towards elements of the security forces in recent times.

“The SPP-PSP expresses its enormous concern with the increase in aggressions, disrespect and disobedience to the security forces without the Assembly of the Republic and the Government taking swift and concrete measures to reverse this situation”, said the PSP.

It is also required to assign a risk subsidy to police officers.

During the early hours of Saturday 16th May, three PSP agents were injured in an intervention in the Casal dos Machados neighbourhood, near Moscavide, in Lisbon, where about 100 people gathered for a party.

According the Correio da Manhã, a security operation was to take place in the neighbourhood on Sunday, the day following the assault on the officers. The PSP were going to be searching residents in that area.


Woman run over in Ermesinde by driver who was distracted “by an insect”

A 24-year-old woman is in serious condition after falling off a bridge and landing on a railway line. She was seriously injured after being hit by a car, on the bridge of Palmilheira, in Ermesinde, and having fallen to the railway line, from a height of about nine meters.

The authorities were alerted at 2:37pm.

The driver of the car who had lost his way and hit the young woman, on Avenida Duarte Pacheco (EN208), told the PSP that he was distracted by an insect that entered the vehicle and that is what ended up causing the accident.

The young woman was hit and thrown onto the railway line. She was rescued by the Ermesinde Firefighters and transported, to the Hospital de S. João, in Porto, in serious condition

PSP was at the scene, with members of the Criminal Investigation Division and the Accident Brigade.

Circulation on the railway line in the direction of Ermesinde / Porto, was cut off during the rescue operation.


PSP resumes speed control operations

PSP resumed its speed control operations this week, despite continuing to monitor points considered crucial in the context of the calamity situation due to the covid-19 pandemic.

With the gradual return to normality of Portuguese society, the Public Security Police also resumes speed control operations “as of Wednesday, the 15th May 2020,” announced the PSP, in a statement.

According to the PSP, these operations constitute “an essential pillar in the increase of road safety”, being therefore essential to return to “permanent and intensive preventive, proactive and dissuasive inspections of road accidents”.

Despite the resumption of some of the usual activities of the PSP, this police force says that it will continue its action in the context of the calamity decreed due to the covid-19 pandemic.

The PSP stresses that it will maintain vigilance and follow-up at points considered crucial, such as public transport, bathing areas and other places where there is a greater likelihood of a illegal gathering of people.


Domestic violence and mistreatment of animals

A 40-year-old man was detained in Sesimbra by the GNR, accused of assaulting his partner for five years.

In addition to physical abuse, the detainee also tortured his companion’s domestic animals.

“The suspect physically, verbally and psychologically assaulted the 34-year-old ex-partner during the five years they lived together.

He exercised total daily, family and social control over the victim, depriving them of contact with family and friends, as well as financial control, leading to their economic dependence “, said the GNR of Leiria.

“He also had the habit of mistreating the victim’s domestic animals.”.

The man did not accept the end of the relationship and pursued the woman for months and even threatened her with death. He also published intimate photographs of the victim and publicly accused her of resorting to prostitution.

GNR also informed that the detainee, with a criminal record for drug trafficking, was detained at the GNR facilities, and will remain there until he appears before the Leiria Judicial Court.