Between May 24 and 26, the Portimão Arena and the Fair and Exhibition Park will once again be the stage for ALGARSAFE – the International Civil Protection and Relief Fair of Portimão, an initiative co-organized by the Portimão and the Firemen of Portimão, supported by Civil Protection Portimão; Junta da Freguesia of Portimão; APSEI, Liga dos Bombeiros Portuguese (Union of Portuguese Firemen); National School of Firemen and Safe Communities Portugal

This will be the largest trade fair south of the Targus, and organisation of public safety services and civil protection services, as well as the safety and health agents, as well as the operators of the whole system of protection operations.

Common, unique program that covers all safety issues!

A commercial space for the best solutions and equipment, pedagogical and statistical forums, so that you have the information and responsibility to protect your life, opportunities for the best understanding of systems. Do not hesitate to learn more about being prepared to help.

It is also directed to families, recreational communities

Full program in Portuguese and on line booking here

An inclusive fair with FREE ENTRY FOR EVERYONE!

  • 10,000 Visitors
  • 100 Exhibitors / Entities Represented
  • Over 50 Activities already scheduled!!

A dedicated space of “body and soul” to your protection and help!


4.000m² of indoor space for providers and suppliers of goods and services in the area of security and safety, civil protection agents, the integrated system of operations of protection and relief at national level.

A dedicated space of “body and soul” to your protection and help!


8.000m² of outdoor space: -Demonstrations and work of vehicles and civil protection equipment and:

  • Operational Exercises and workshops l
  • Awareness and Public Information Activities
  • Static exposure of resources

Civil Protection Agents

-PLASTRON of capabilities of the forces and services


A program that covers all aspects of security!

  • Seminars and conferences
  • Official public statements
  • Thematic Courses and Training
  • Workshops
  • Demonstrations practices
  • Awareness activities


A pedagogical Fair!

– “Fireman for a day”

-Interactive pedagogical statements of education for risk

-Visits organized for the community


A meeting space of several important moments!

-Delivery of certificate of “City Resilient “to the Municipalities of Algarve Region by the United Nations

-Program presentation

“Algarve Insurance 2018” -Region of Algarve Tourism