The following article appeared recently in the Correio da Manha:
“Night was falling, rainy and cold on Saturday, February 13th. A dog with both fractured front legs lay in pain on the grass of the small public garden of Praia da Rocha, behind the Hotel Jupiter.
The situation caught the attention of some passers saddened by the plight of the animal.  When someone tried to approach for help, the dog struggle to its feet and tried to run before falling down. Two PSP agents Adelino Cunha and Aleixo Gouveia, together with Diamantino Duarte of ‘Shop Katie “, and Maria Manuela Liza, volunteer’ Cadala Carlota and Companhia protection association, attended the scene.
The relief efforts took more than three hours. The black and white, mongrel, medium size, had no collar and no one knew the owner. Could he had been abandoned or lost? If he had a chip it would allow him to be identified.  If it was urgent, a veterinarian could have been called or the animal taken to a clinic to be watched.
However, what seems like a simple task entails costs and risks. A dog when approached by strangers, can react and bite. There is a danger of rabies infection if the animal has not vaccines on time.
The patrol PSP tried to contact the municipal vet in the area but it was out of office hours – no answer. They contacted several private veterinary clinics, but none was willing to attend the site. The only available help was receiving the wounded dog in exchange for fees due.
The PSP agents tried out another way, by contacting the Bomberios, but they declined to assist as this was outside their competence.
It was decided to contact the Defense Association of Portimão Animals (ADAP), but they also declined to help, claiming they do not have financial resources. Moreover, the institution noted that already has too many animals in their care. The Cadala Carlota and Companhia protection association then informed the ADAP that she had found a person willing to care for the animal. She only asked it to be handled and transported by ADAP, which they declined to do.
Given the inflexibility of ADAP, voluntary assistance was asked from Luis Sykes, the Carlota association, which, came from Lagos, attend on-site and with the help of PSP officers took the animal, and provided for its adoption. The animal has been operate on by veterinary Heike Rauterbergm, the Veterinary Clinic of Ferrel in Espiche, and is currently well.
Correio da Manha comment; “The tension between the voluntary associations that supposedly share the cause was obvious – past squabbles and rivalry”.