Our supporters

The forming of Safe Communities Portugal has been welcomed by a number of prominent officials including the British, Dutch and Irish Ambassadors to Portugal.

Chris Sainty, British Ambassador to Portugal

Safe Communities Portugal continues to be an invaluable source of information and guidance for the British Community living in Portugal. It provides important, accurate and up to date advice across a range of security and civil protection issues.  Its quick publication, in English, of advice to the community on issues like forest fires and the global covid pandemic have made a tremendous contribution to keeping people safe. The Embassy is delighted to continue supporting and working in partnership with SCP.

Orla Tunney, Irish Ambassador to Portugal

The best safety advice is generally local advice, and I applaud Safe Communities Portugal for establishing this impressive resource, which presents relevant local knowledge in a user-friendly way. I recommend it to Irish residents and visitors to Portugal. Using the information here will help ensure a safe stay in this beautiful country”. 23rd October 2015

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