Well another successful year for the crime prevention team. Thank you for all the hard work and dedication which has enabled us to live a little more safely out here on the Algarve. 25 January 2015
T and R
St Barbara de Nexe
Happy New Year to you and Jane team and all those connected with the SCA. Congratulations on all your projects. It’s most interesting to read the news. Thank you for keeping us informed. 19th January 2015
David and Margaret
Thank you for all your help, support and useful information on your website and newsletters. As a real estate agent we are always referring our visitors, customers and clients to your website and newsletters especially for the Safe Residence Programme, ideas on crime prevention and your Police/GNR locator which is especially helpful. It is really reassuring for visitors and residents in the Algarve to have such a great resource in English. We believe the Safe Residence Programme is a very positive resource in both successfully selling many vendors’ more remote properties, giving its new occupants peace of mind and reducing crime. We will always support the great work you do for the community in the Algarve. 26th August 2014
Joanna and Carlos at Diamond Properties
Just to say 'thank you' for all your information on the phone just now - we are impressed. What a wonderful community service and dedication - well done! 29th May 2014
C and C
I thought I would let you know that your contacts in the police in Lisbon did a sterling job, and made out a report, which I forwarded to the insurers in support of my complaint that they had rejected my claim. Lo and behold, they have paid up in full ( minus the excess), but pointing out that the rule still stands that you must report the theft locally within 24 hours. So, many thanks to you and the police in Lisbon. 28th May 2014.
Visitor from the UK
Congratulations on the new format newsletter, it is very crisp, I know how much effort goes into producing community newsletters and publications. A lot of the content may be something you wouldn't choose to face up to and never ceases to intrigue me but being forewarned is being forearmed.11th April 2014
B.F - Lisbon
Just read your newsletter and I like it a lot. Clear, user friendly and logical format. Well done. Excellent result! 8th April 2014
Congratulations with the new website: absolutely professional and easy browsable. 3rd April 2014
Great results. Thank you and your team for their efforts during 2013. Lets hope 2014 shows a further decline in crime all over Portugal. A happy and rewarding 2014 to you all. 7th Jan 2014
RR - Aldeia
Great results . Thank you and your team for their efforts during 2013 . Lets hope 2014 shows a further decline in crime all over Portugal . A happy and rewarding 2014 to you all. 7th January 2014
We thank you for your dedicated work which has helped many families to feel happier in their homes, including, as we know of four sets of friends that were attacked in their houses so it is very close to our hearts as they are still in a state of nervousness. Have a great Xmas and a happy healthy new year. 24th December 2013
J and S from Sobradinho de Alfeicao
Re the Cybercrime Seminar. Congratulating your initiative, and such interesting subject, it was very interesting to see the difference between the academics and the operational. Looking forward for your next project…and wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 10th December 2013
I get your emails regularly and find them extremely useful. Thanks and keep up the good work. 5th December 2013
Thank you - the family very much appreciate your support in this very challenging and upsetting time. With best regards. 29th September 2013
Thank you very much for your helpful advice. We have now been visited by the police and have a GNR number. They were extremely helpful. 5th July 2013
David from Soalheira
Thank you so much for keeping me informed on the current situation in Algarve. Due to your amicable attention to me I feel myself very encouraged before coming to Portugal and remain to be in high spirits. I wish you health and good luck in your so important social activity 4th July 2013
Thank you very much for organising the seminar on Wednesday afternoon at Sta. Barbara de Nexe. It was very informative and I have recommended your next seminar at 'The Conrad' to many friends. March 2013
Sue & David
I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your excellent work and input. Have a lovely Christmas and a year of 2013 with lots of positive thoughts! 22nd December 2012
Thank you very much indeed for all your efforts. They are greatly appreciated. All the best for Christmas and the New Year. 19th December 2012
I wish you the very best for ensuring safety within the community and the crime prevention activities of your association. With best wishes for Christmas and the New Year. 19th December 2012
The direction of ASPGN decided according to availability, supporting initiatives that Associação Safe Communities Algarve is promoting. We think that all work to promote community safety and establish safer communities is more than welcome. Good work and be safe. 7th November 2012
José dos Santos (Vice President Night Guard Service)
I am very pleased to learn that Safe Communities Algarve is now formally established as an association in Portugal. I know from the very positive feedback our consular team in Portimão has received that the work that David Thomas has done in raising crime prevention awareness within the Algarve community in general, not just amongst British residents, has made a significant impact on the perception and understanding of crime levels and crime prevention in the region. The consular team in Portimão and I have established a very strong relationship with David. Some of us joined him recently, along with the GNR and PSP, at a number of very well attended crime prevention seminars which also drew very positive comments. I am sure that the benefits from being recognised as a formal institution in Portugal will ensure that further excellent progress and results are assured. 7th November 2012
Jill Gallard – HM Ambassador to Portugal
The Faro District Command of the Public Security Police congratulates Safe Communities Algarve for the recent and formal registration as a Non-profit Association. It is public knowledge that one of the main objectives of the PSP District Command is the construction of an increasing safer community, so we must recognize and welcome the good work done by this Association towards Crime Prevention in Algarve, which we hope to reinforce in the near future, through the deepening of our support. 5th November 2012
Superintendent Jorge Mauricio
Thank you for email, I am really glad to see that the safe residence program is evolving to much more ambitious goals. Like I said before, I’m transferring but I’m remaining a user of the Safe Communities Algarve website. Wish you all luck to your enterprise. 5th October 2012
Telmo Gomes (GNR officer)
It was a pleasure to share the excellent presentations and participation of audience. These initiatives represent a very important role in the understanding and cohesion of our multicultural community of the Algarve and namely, of Lagos. 1st October 2012
Júlio Barroso Mayor of Lagos
Thank you so much for your good work on behalf of so many people that you do not know... I am impressed. You have come a long way. 27th September 2012
Cristina (Praia da Luz)