We appreciate and thank the public that have supported our work. To operate the diverse range of services that we do requires practical and academic skills in the areas of policing, crime prevention and civil protection, as well as the ability to deal with government. We are grateful therefore to our advisers, who are members of SCP and who have bought special skills and experience within their professions to Safe Communities Portugal, to supplement those of the Board and help us develop further.

We are always interested to hear from anyone who feels that they maybe able to help our association, and thereby the community, through any particular professional skills or experience they may have.

Peter Weaver

Technical communications Advisor

Carlos Júlio Trindade

Rural Fire Protection Adviser

Gonçalo Duarte Gomes

Environmental issues Adviser

Dra. Ana Silva

Animal safety and Protection Adviser

Professor Maria Bras

Tourism Safety and Security Adviser

Daniel Fernandes

International Relations

Colin Scarisbrick

Police Laision Officer Silver Coast

Marianne Guerreiro

Safety for the Elderly

Jennie Kelly


Chris Stretton

Security Advisor

Joan Wilson

Area Representative Porto

Tony McGuirk

Fire and Environment Protection Advisor

João Vilela

Communication and Languages Adviser