This is “the worst day of the year on forest fires,” said the civil protection spokeswoman. “We have already surpassed 303 fires since midnight,” said Patrícia Gaspar, at the 17:30 briefing to journalists, stressing that at that time “all available means are involved in fighting fires”.

At 17:30 hrs there were 13 fires of high importance, most notably those of Monção, Seia, Vale de Cambra, Lousã, Sertã and Arganil. About 1500 operatives are fighting these fires.

As at 18:30 hrs a total of 5908 firefighters are deployed ( a very high number) dealing with 188 fires, 84 of which are active , 31 in resolution and 73 in conclusion.

Five firefighters from the Volunteers of Ovar, Aveiro district, were injured today after their vehicle overturned, Lusa told the commander of the Volunteer Firefighters of Vale de Cambra. They have been transferred to hospital.

The injured firefighters were fighting a fire in the village of Macieira de Cambra, in Vale de Cambra, which started at 07:15 and currently mobilises 198 firefighters, supported by 65 vehicles.

Meanwhile six firefighters were slightly injured today Sunday when fighting rural fires in Pinhel, Celorico da Beira and Gouveia, in the Guarda district.

In the fight against a fire in Mangide, in the parish of Alto do Palurdo, Pinhel municipality, two firefighters from the Vila Franca das Naves corporation, Trancoso, were injured.

The commander of the Volunteer Firefighters of Vila Franca das Naves, António Santos, told Lusa that one of the volunteers was intoxicated by the smoke and another registered burns on one of his lower limbs.

The Northern Railway Line is cut between Aveiro and Oiã (Oliveira do Bairro), while the Beira Alta Line is cut between Mortágua and Santa Comba Dão due to fires, said the CP spokeswoman. Ana Portela told the Lusa news agency that the fires that are set off in the district of Aveiro are forcing the northern line between Aveiro and Oiã, already in the county of Oliveira do Bairro.