A 23-year-old man living in Cascais was beaten and stabbed on Saturday at a famous nightclub on the Marginal Avenue of Sá Carneiro, near Funchal’s marina, Madeira.

According to the online news channel Cascais24, the young man, who was accompanied by three other friends, all from Cascais, who travelled to Madeira on 7th March 2017, was struck with a deep blow to the shoulder and had to be transported by the Fire Department to the emergency centre of the Central Hospital of Funchal.

In this health unit was assisted and sutured with several points, having been discharged about five hours later.

Another young man, who accompanied him, also had to be assisted in the same hospital because he had a wound on one of his fingers.

The PSP of Funchal has, however, identified the alleged perpetrator, apparently “an individual who frequented the Madeiran night and known to local authorities” for alleged acts of violence.

Still according to Cascais24, the causes of the aggression are not known, although it is recorded that the group of young people from Cascais was outside the night entertainment establishment, when they were questioned by the alleged aggressor.