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“News Today” is the newsletter published by Safe Communities Portugal approximately fortnightly or more frequently should it be necessary to convey urgent information concerning either crime prevention or public safety.

The newsletter contains announcements of events, police operations and arrests, crime prevention advice and other information to help keep Portugal a safe place to live and visit. If you wish to obtain a copy of the newsletter on the day of publication, please register on the right of this page. It is free of charge and you will be sent a copy by email. If you have missed one do not worry, as previous publications are posted on this page with the most recent at the top.

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Definitive Guide to Forest Fire Prevention and Land Cleaning – 20th April 2017


Crime trends 2016, animal cruelty, threat level, money laundering, police operations – 29th Dec 2016

Yahoo hacking, corruption, GNR Safe Trading, Christmas Crime Prevention – 19th Dec 2016

Drones for firefighting, drug trafficking, investment scam,Europol wanted persons – 8th Dec 2016

Road deaths, cannabis plantation, letting fraud, critical fire period – 17th Nov 2016

Murder suspect arrested, on-line child abuse, Operation Captura, SEF Operation – 27th Oct 2016

Police shooting, Europol – cybercrime, SRP. PSP good work – 4th Oct 2016

Seminar – From Fire to Floods – 27th September 2016

Widfires, good arrests, cybercrime alerts, 104 year old assailant – 27th August 2016

Decrease in crime, anti-terrorism measures, PokemonGo – security tips villas – 25th July 2016

Brexit, corruption arrests, SRP, heat wave advice, crime prevention- 30th June 2016

Terrorism, Euro 2016 policing, computer fraud, driving licence penalties -9th June 2016 

Kidnapping sentence, border crossings, Algarsafe 2016, Safe Summer – 25th May 2016

Illegal drugs, corruption arrests, sign language, Russian scam, safe use social media – 13th April 2016

2015 Crime Report Overview and Analysis – 7th April 2016

EU Referendum  April 2016 

Working together to prevent Animal Cruelty Seminar – 31st March 2016

Money muling, PSP graduation, sporting ticket fraud,, phishing attack FBI – 18th March 2016

Civil Protection Day – March 2016

Europol – Terrorism – On Line Bank Fraud – Good arrests – EU Referendum – 26th Feb 2016

Cascais Cybercrime Seminar – 11th Jan 2016

Protocol ANPC, Forest fires, good arrests, drink driving, scams, phishing attacks – 11th Dec 2015

Fire safety, cannabis arrests, Stay Safe, Facebook scams, villa letting scam – 6th Aug 2016

Excellent arrests, scams, alcohol limit, smart borders, heat wave, preventing fires – 1st July 2015

WEF Safety & Security, supermarket crime, cash trapping, excellent arrests – 10th June 2015

Portugal without Fires – 25th May 2015

Local lodging, UK Crime trends, anti-phishing advice, excellent arrests – 1st May 2015

Excellent arrests, PSP child safety bracelets, scams, cross border crime – 31st July 2014

Preventing Wildfires – Advice

Easter crime prevention successes, good arrests, gambling laws reminder etc – 23rd April 2014

New website, launched, 2013 crime statrs, good arrests, crime prevention advice – 3rd April 2014