Gambelas, Faro Rural fire 12th July 2022

23:30 12-07-2022

Type Bush fire

APS: Ria Formosa


UNDER SURVEILLANCE at 0115 hrs – On-site means to act in case of need

205 operatives supported by 74 vehicles deployed.


IN CONCLUSION – Fire extinguished, with small outbreaks of combustion within the perimeter of the fire


UPDATE 15:30 Posted from the previous post on on incident


Considerable airpower used to bring firs to resolution together with ground operatives.

Water from the pools of two houses was also used and crawler machines were used, which helped to contain the spread of the flames and control the fire.

In addition to Civil Protection elements, many civilians joined the fight against the flames, including workers at a gardening company.

Fighting the flames, in addition to two helicopters and two planes, were 231 operatives, supported by 83 vehicles.

Location between the roads Rua De Vatverde and R Sacadura Cabral leading south from Almancil


According to SIC Notícias, the fire is close to a residential area and forced the closure of a gas station, nearby.

It is not close to the Conrad but some distance to north and west.

A total of 241 operatives deployed supported by 85 vehicles an four aircraft.

There are also roads that give access to Quinta do Lago that are cut off from traffic.


The fire has reignited in one area already affected by the fire.

It appears to be in the area to the north of Quinta do Lago on the road to Almancil to the west of the road behind the Conrad hotel.

According to CM TV, the flames near luxury villas (unverified).

200 operatives 69 vehicles and four aircraft.

Fire fighting vehicles were prepositioned in the area since yesterday in case of reignitions


The fire has been brought to a conclusion at 1645 hours today Thursday 14th July 2022

The fire started at 23.55 hrs on 12th July and quickly spread given the very dry, hot and windy conditions. It was at night time a period where fire fighting aircraft cannot operate.

Because of the wind ash and small pieces of burning debris blown by the wind, this landed into a large area to the west of the fire within the area if the map. This led to small scattered spot fires in the gardens of houses and surrounding land.

This was perhaps the worst scenario for a fire and to everyone’s credit has been brought to a conclusion in 40 hours whereas in the past it may have taken many days.

I visited the Civil Protection Command post last night, and there was an atmosphere of considerable team work between all entities focused on bringing it to a conclusion asap

Many congratulations indeed for the incredible leadership and coordination of resources and to ALL the emergency services concerned.


The fire remains under resolution with the perimeter dominated however there have been reports of increased smoke. This is expected from hotspots reigniting in the windy conditions and are being dealt with by operatives and aircraft deployed.

Total 305 operative, supported by 112 vehicles and one operative.

UPDATE: 09.55 hrs


Fire with no danger of spreading beyond the perimeter already reached

Deployment: 349 operatives, 121 vehicles and one aircraft.

UPDATE: 14th July 2022 – 0600 Hrs

0600 HRS Fire remains active but good progress made yesterday as shown in update last night.

This morning there are no active flames but authorities fear the wind could trigger re-ignitions.

Some 359 personnel supported by 126 operatives deployed.



The Faro Civil Protection command indicated at a briefing this evening that 80% of the perimeter of the fire that broke out on Tuesday night near the University of the Algarve is under control, with the remaining 20% still “requiring care or concern”.

“The fire perimeter is about 80% under control, with 20% still requiring care or concern,” said the District Operational Commander of the Civil Protection of Faro, Richard Marques, in statements to the media.

According to this official, only the areas of Laranjal and Vale Verde, in the municipality of Loulé, still need a last “incisive intervention” and will deserve “all the effort of the device in the coming hours”

The fire broke out at 11:30 pm on Tuesday near the Gambelas hub of the University of the Algarve and the venue where, from Thursday, the Faro International Motorcycle Gathering takes place, reaching a perimeter of 27 kilometres. , according to Richard Marques.

During today, in the most critical phase of the firefighting, around 150 people were voluntarily displaced who were in places susceptible to being affected by the flames.

Only 12 people, “the most vulnerable”, received assistance and support from the municipal services of Loulé, having been transferred to an area of concentration and support for the population in Salir.

According to Richard Marques, a “worsening of conditions” is expected in the coming hours.

“We will have winds close to 30 kilometres per hour and low humidity. It will be the same conditions that we have had in the past – a very severe weather situation”, he explained.

In the coming hours, a “worsening of the wind” is even foreseen, which is a “challenge”.

“We know, and that is why the device will remain on the ground, that we will have reactivations, but with the means, we can quickly quell them and that is where we focus our effort”.

This is also why the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA) decided to increase the warning from orange to red in the Algarve. In fact, at the moment the entire territory of mainland Portugal is under red warning.

Even so, Richard Marques assured that the Civil Protection has “all the necessary means and resources in these two hot spots to put out the fire”.

An assessment of damage to properties will be done later, but the first priority is bringing the fire to conclusion.

The entrance to Quinta do Lago is open to traffic.

Regarding the causes of the fire, which broke out the commander of rescue operations said that the GNR is “taking the necessary steps”.

“The causes of the fire are not what concerns us at the moment: what concerns us is to solve this problem and restore the situation to normality. But it is still a responsibility of the GNR, which is on the ground, and is taking the necessary steps so that it can investigate the causes and, in due course, will make a note of what the situation itself is”, he said.

This was, in the words of Richard Marques, a fire characterized by «many projections», with “strong wind and gusts”.

Asked whether the fire in Monchique, which broke out in the afternoon but was , complicated the theatre of operations in Quinta do Lago, but the commander assured that “there was no relocation of air assets”.

In fighting this fire in Gambelas, Quinta do Lago and Trafal, 392 are now operational, supported by 142 vehicles.


At the moment, entry into Quinta do Lago and Vale do Lobo is prohibited ,

Quinta shopping was earlier evacuated.

The swimming pools of many of the properties are being used for air resources to reload water buckets.

There will be a full update later this evening.

UPDATE 1615.

There are 313 operatives supported 112 vehicles and two fixed wing aircraft.

People are strongly advised NOT to approach the area. The fire appears to be moving westwards and surrounding roads in the area can be narrow and lined with trees. Spot fires have taken place close by and houses burned. Because of this emergency vehicles need all the space possible to operate and a congested road can have major consequences. It is also difficult to turn around if a fire heads your way.

Be also advised of the large amount and concentrated smoke in the area.


Statement by Quinta do Lago management

“Following the worsening of the fire situation at Quinta do Lago, the Administration of the Quinta do Lago Group would like to reassure all its residents and emphasize that it is closely following the situation with the competent authorities we are performing on site.

Some of the most critical areas and near the focus of the fire were evacuated. Also as a precautionary measure, we have decided to close our Golf Courses, sporting facilities and restaurants.

We would also like to appeal to the entire community to keep calm and wait for directions from authorities who are working hard on site. Keep safe everyone.

Following the fire situation in Quinta do Lago, the Management of the Quinta do Lago Group would like to reassure all its residents that is closely monitoring the situation with the competent authorities that are acting onsite.”


Aa few minutes ago, Richard Marques, district operational commander, said that, there are two fronts, one of them is in the process of being consolidated, projections are being verified, one of them right next to the forest of stone pines on the Gambelas campus of the UAlg.

“Right now, our priority is the Quinta do Lago area”, said the District Operational Commander, Richard Marques”

In the fight against the fire that started in the municipality of Faro and that later evolved into Loulé, “there is a joint effort in order to stabilize” the fire that, “at this moment, already has about 50 to 60% of its area consolidated”.

A GNR source has confirmed that some residents in the urbanisation of Quinta do Lago (Almancil), in the area of Pinheiros Altos, are being temporarily relocated as a preventative measure due to smoke in the area, including 20 people have been moved from an unlicensed park with motorhomes. GNR are dealing with and you will be informed if your area maybe affected.

CDOS have added that the winds are strong and there is much smoke in the area.

The fire is being fought by two helicopters (one heavy duty) and two fixed wing fire fighting aircraft.

There are no indications that Faro airport incoming or departing flights are being affected in anyway.

UPDATE: The fire remains active. Deployment has increased to 313 operatives supported by 112 vehicles and two aircraft/helicopters.


Fire remains active.

There are currently no casualties recorded. Out of danger is also the venue where this weekend, the 40th edition of the Moto Clube de Faro Concentration takes place.

According to CNN Portugal, the fire is consuming an area of ​​bush, but it is close to homes, in the municipality of Loulé, more specifically in the Parish of Almancil.

The fire has spread to Almancil, in the municipality of Loulé, close to Quinta do Lago. We have two active fronts, one to the north/northwest, which is giving way to the means, and another on the left flank, evolving, but with projections to inaccessible places,” Alexandre Vicente, from the District Relief Operations Command (CDOS) told Lusa.

The same CDOS source indicated that more information about the fire will be given at a press conference to be held at the University of Algarve.

At 1100 hrs a total of 281 operatives were deployed supported by 103 vehicles and two helicopters.


Air resources have now been deployed which cannot fly in night conditions. Number of operatives increased to 202 from the various emergency services and supported by 79 vehicles.


The emergency services have a great deal of work to do so please keep away.


Although there were no houses at risk, it was necessary, during the night, to evacuate a “motorhome camp” that was in the line of fire.

At the beginning of this morning, the head of the fire is “stabilised”, but the wind remains one of the “main difficulties”.

Winds are around 25 km/h from east/east south east gusting higher. Smoke will drift west/west north west so DO NOT BE ALARMED if you smell smoke with reports from as far away as Portimao and Lagos.

Current deployment 196 operatives supported 77 vehicles – await deployment of aircraft/helicopters.

SITREP 0700 hrs 13th JULY 20221

The fire that started at 11:30 pm this Tuesday in this parish of Montenegro

Currently being fought by 185 operatives and 69 vehicles

The mayor of Faro, Rogério Bacalhau, revealed that, at 1:30 am, the fire that broke out in Gambelas did not pose a danger to homes or people. “There are no homes at risk, nor do we have anyone in danger,” he told SIC Notícias.

The fire that started at 11:30 pm this Tuesday in this parish of Montenegro – about 2.5 km away from the place where the Faro biker concentration takes place, which takes place this weekend -, is being fought by 70 people. firefighters and 29 land assets. “There is a considerable distance from concentration and that is positive. The ignition started near the University of Faro but the wind is from west to east and has driven the fire away from the educational establishment”, continued the mayor.

On site, he explained, there are firefighters from the corporations of Albufeira, Loulé and Olhão, in addition to two from Faro. “If necessary, we will call more through CDOS”, he assured. Still, the hope is that “the situation will be under control in the next few hours”.