Civil protection

Madeira  is an  archipelago  in  the  middle  of  the  Atlantic  Ocean  known  for  its   beautiful landscapes.

As such, the main island is sought by many tourists that come to visit and explore the  wonderful  levadas  and  sights.  All  this  comes  with  an  associated  risk. Even  though  the majority  of  our  visitors  experience  no  problem  whatsoever,  there  are  a  set  of  measures  that must  be  taken  into  consideration  to  guarantee  that  everything  goes  well:  be  physically prepared for the walk you intend to do, check weather conditions, use appropriate clothes and footwear, take sufficient food and water, be aware of your surroundings (don’t risk getting too near to cliffs) and never go alone (preferably with an experienced guide).

If something does go wrong, the European Emergency Number 112 is at your disposal. Please be patient and answer all the questions the operator asks you and try to be as precise possible about  you  localization.  It  is  important  that  you  give  references, the  notion  of  how  long  you have been walking and to which direction. The quality of the given information determines the speed of the emergency teams so help can be promptly delivered.

For the inhabitants of this island, the biggest risks are landslides and rapid floods in the winter months and forest fires in summer. There is information available on this page for preventive measures and what to do in an eventual occurrence. The Regional Civil Protection Service takes its mission very seriously and every year training is guaranteed to our agents and live exercises are executed to train our different procedures.

All in  all,  the  compliance  of  our  mission  is  only  possible  with  your  help –  Civil  Protection! Everyone’s task to guarantee our future!

All prevention and protection information is from official sources

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    Civil Protection Regional Headquarters Madeira

  • Tel:291 700 110/6
  • Fax:291 700 117
  • Address: Caminho do Pináculo 14, S. Gonçalo 9060-236 Funchal
  • facebook
  • Regional Relief Operations Command (CROS)

  • Tel:91 700 112/5
  • Fax:291 764 604
  • Address: Caminho do Pináculo 14, S. Gonçalo
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