Security Alarms and Access Control

Security Alarms and Access Control
Company Introduction

IBC Security began in 2008, obtaining both Alvarás (171A/171C) in 2009. Its main goal was to create a highly professional and credible security Company providing reliable levels of deterrent and fast response to Clients within the Central Algarve.

At that time, crime and particularly residential robberies were high and response by existing security Companies was extremely poor, slow and unprofessional. Often an alarm activation resulted in a lengthy wait for the Villa Owner or Management Company, leaving the assailant the luxury of time. There were many examples of a responding security guards reframing from performing a thorough check of a property doing nothing to assure Clients of their safety. If a home owner felt threatened or scared then their only course of action was to call the local GNR but language was a potential obstacle and informing the GNR that you were scared would in many cases not justify a visit.

As a new and growing Security Company, IBC studied all these crucial areas and tasked itself with raising the level of professionalism and performance and in turn providing Clients with consistent reassurance that their Security Company was ever alert and ready to react at a moments notice.

Today, IBC Security is deemed to be one of the largest independent Security Company operating within the Golden Triangle, Almancil and Central areas of the Algarve.


Our state of the art advanced monitoring and communications central operates 24/7-365 days of the year and is located within the heart of the Central Algarve.

Fully trained operatives are tasked with the monitoring of Property Alarm, CCTV Surveillance systems, IBC Guardian, Personal attack, Social, Fire signals and electrical supply failures.

Instant assessment and verification of any developing scenario will be supported by the immediate deployment of IBC Fast Response and K9 Units with notification to the GNR and other emergency services if required.

IBC Fast Response and K9 Teams are constantly patrolling their operational areas ready to respond to any type of alarm or emergency activation when given notification by the IBC Monitoring Central.

Fully trained and equipped for defence and protection of persons and properties, IBC Fast Response teams patrol communities with a primary objective of helping to prevent theft and criminal activity by providing a highly visual and physical deterrent together with a rapid, no nonsense approach to removing unauthorised persons from private properties backed up whenever necessary by immediate GNR support.

Equally alert to any other emergency that may occur during their patrol, the teams are on call to respond to and offer assistance to any IBC Client who has reason to call the IBC 24 Hour emergency helpline.

IBC have made a substantial commitment towards the security of the central Algarve by incorporating a fully trained K9 Unit within its Patrol and Fast Response structure.

Used by Police and Army Units throughout Europe, Belgium Sheppard’s have been the breed of choice because of their specific qualities within the security environment.

IBC Security have taken on four such dogs and together with a handpicked team have under gone a professional training course to attain the high levels of accreditation necessary with defence, protection and apprehension.

It is felt that the integration of the K9 Unit within the current Patrol and Fast Response structure is a massive deterrent and will enforce the message of our no nonsense approach towards the protection of IBC Clients, their Families and property.

All IBC Fast Response and K9 Handlers have been fully trained and accredited by the Red Cross in the use of comprehensive 1st Aid and the application of Automatic Defibrillators.

All Fast Response and K9 Vehicles are fitted and equipped with the necessary medical equipment enabling our Teams to immediately attend a situation, assess and give medical assistance if needed. During this time, IBC Central will contact the relevant emergency services and give essential information of the patient`s status and help guide INEM to the precise location using GPS coordinates helping to save valuable time.

IBC feel that with such potential lifesaving equipment and training, that the speed of application and medical assistance given could make the difference.

IBC feel that one of its most important services offered to all Clients is the 24 Hour emergency helpline. This unique service is designed to give all Clients additional levels of assurances towards their personal security and added piece of mind as well as a direct point of contact in case of Medical emergencies. A call to the 24 Hour emergency helpline will allow the IBC Central staff to assess the situation and if required immediately dispatch Fast Response/K9 teams to attend a distressed Client as well as contacting any emergency service that may be needed. The Central will also pass on any relevant information and help guide INEM/GNR/BOMBEIROS to the property using GPS coordinates.

All IBC Fast Response Teams and K9 Handlers are equipped and trained/accredited by the Red Cross in the use of comprehensive 1st Aid and the application of Automatic Defibrillators. The speed of response and application of such equipment and service together with the subsequent direction of emergency services could make the difference.

The 24 Hour emergency helpline is designed to run as a stand-alone service for those who do not have any type of alarm in place or as an additional hand-in-hand structure with any existing security contract currently in place.

The IBC Guardian is a unique, easy to use GPS safety device giving 120 hours stand-by battery life, offering personal security and around the clock service. This mobile device is small enough to be placed in your pocket and can be taken with you whenever you venture.

In the event of a Security or Medical related situation and at the touch of a button, your location and medical records will be displayed and assessed by a trained IBC operative located within the IBC Monitoring Centre. They will then open a two way voice channel to communicate and reassure you whilst the correct actions are taken.

IBC Sales and Technical staff are on hand to help and assist with any specific security request whether it be a new installation, take over and servicing of an existing Alarm/CCTV security set up or just general advice.

A no obligation security audit can be provided upon request and all Clients will receive professional guidance on a range of personalised security solutions from IBC trained personnel who understand and appreciate the need for high level customer service together with a comprehensive and personalised after sales service.

It is important that all intruder alarms and CCTV structures be serviced at regular intervals. IBC Security’s team of trained Technicians are able to keep all types of security system operating at their best possible efficiency by maintaining a maintenance schedule which should be carried out on a regular basis.