Aftermath of Fires

The ANEPC have provided the following advice concerning actions following a fire.

  • Be careful when you return to a recently burned area, there may be some relapses. Check for combustion zones in your home or around them and extinguish them if they exist;
  • If your home is evacuated, return only when the authorities advise you;
  • Make sure your home is not at risk of collapsing. Be careful of exposed electrical wires and other hazards;
  • Prevent children from playing at the scene of the fire following its extinction. Remember that there is the danger of re-ignition;
  • If the competent authorities request assistance in the aftermath and surveillance, COLLABORATE!

There is also a practical guide for people who have been affected by forest fires in Portugal issued by the Centro e a Direção-Geral da Saúde (DGS) in Portuguese that can be downloaded here.

All prevention and protection information is from official sources


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