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Monchique GPCF EDITAL NO. 4/2018 Execution of Fuel Management Bands

Tuesday, April 17th, 2018

The following notice is for the Agglomerate Population of Monchique.

For Alferce (GPCF 7/2018), Casais (GPCF 5/2018), Marmelete (8/2018) and  Montinho (GPCF 6/2018) as well as the Monchique Population Agglomerate’s Fuel Management Strip map, please see the full notices in Portuguese here. The dates of awareness/clarification sessions are as follows:

Alferace – 26th April – 1030 hrs – Espaco Multusos do Alferce

Casais – 24th April – 1030 hrs – Ludoteca dos Casais

Marmelette – 24th April – 1430 hrs – Casa do Povo de Marmelete

Monchique – 23rd April – 1430 hrs – Camara Municipal

Montinho – 23rd April – 1030 hrs – MacDonald Monchique Resort &Spa



RUI MIGUEL DA SILVA ANDRÉ, Mayor of Monchique,

It makes public, in accordance with the provisions of Decree-Law 124/2006 of June 28 (in the current version), with the changes introduced by the State Budget of 2018 (Law No. 114/2017 of December 29), which establish the measures and actions to be undertaken within the scope of the National System of Defence of the Forest against fires, namely:

  1. In the AGGLOMERATE POPULATION OF MONCHIQUE, it is mandatory to manage fuel in an outer protection strip of a minimum width of not less than 100 m;
  2. The owners, tenants, users or entities that, in any way, hold lands located within the range referred to in the previous number the management of fuel in those lands, in accordance with the norms in the annex of the decree-law no. 124 / 2006 (in the current version);
  3. If you have land located in the fuel management area of ​​the Monchique settlement, you are REQUIRED to arrange for the regularization of the situation by APRIL 30, 2018;
  4. The infraction situations identified will be the subject of a survey of cases of misconduct;
  5. During the year 2018, fines for breach of these legal provisions are increased to double, constituting administrative offenses punishable by a fine of € 280 to € 10,000 in the case of an individual person and € 1,600 to € 120,000 , in the case of legal entities;
  6. The GNR, PSP, Maritime Police, ICNF, I.PP, ANPC, municipal councils, municipal police and nature watch officers are responsible for monitoring compliance with this law;
  7. The exact location of the buildings inserted in the Monchique Population Agglomerate’s Fuel Management Strip and its land register are attached to this notice, which is an integral part of it and can be consulted in detail at the Office of Civil Protection and Forestry of Monchique (headquartered in the City Hall);
  8. By no later than April 30th, if there is a breach in the execution of the fuel management band around the Population Cluster of Monchique, the City Council, by May 31, will carry out the fuel management work, with the right to seek reimbursement, triggering the necessary mechanisms to reimburse the expenses incurred;
  9. In case of non-compliance, the infringing owner will be subject to administrative infraction with a minimum value of € 280;
  10. In the event that you have doubts about whether your land is covered by this legal obligation, or the actions you must take in it, please contact the parish council or the Office of Civil Protection and Forests of the City Council of Monchique, at the Paços do Concelho Building, located at Travessa da Portela, in Monchique, or call the number 280 910 210/280, during working hours, Monday and Friday from 09.00 to 15.30, on a continuous schedule, or through of the e-mail address
  11. On April 23rd, a clarification session will be held for all interested parties in the noble hall of the City Hall building at 2.30 pm.

The implementation of the FGC is essential for increasing the resilience of territories to rural fires and for minimizing tragedies such as those that occurred in 2017 in central Portugal and 2003-4 in the municipality of Monchique, with the loss of lives, housing and incomes.

Town Hall, April 11, 2018

The President of the Chamber,


(Rui Miguel da Silva André, Dr.)


EDITAL  GPCF n.º 4/2018
Execução de Faixas de Gestão de Combustíveis


RUI MIGUEL DA SILVA ANDRÉ, Presidente da Câmara Municipal de Monchique,
Faz público, de acordo com o disposto no Decreto-Lei 124/2006, de 28 de junho (na atual redação), com as alterações introduzidas pelo Orçamento de Estado de 2018 (Lei n.º 114/2017 de 29 de dezembro), que estabelecem as medidas e ações a desenvolver no âmbito do Sistema Nacional de Defesa da Floresta Contra Incêndios, que:

  1. No AGLOMERADOS POPULACIONAL DE MONCHIQUE, é obrigatória a gestão de combustível numa faixa exterior de proteção de largura mínima não inferior a 100 m;
  2. Compete aos proprietários, arrendatários, usufrutuários ou entidades que, a qualquer título, detenham terrenos inseridos na faixa referida no número anterior a gestão de combustível nesses terrenos, de acordo com as normas constantes no anexo do decreto–lei n.º 124/2006 (na atual redação);
  3. Caso possua terrenos inseridos na faixa de gestão de combustível do aglomerado populacional de Monchique, está OBRIGADO a providenciar pela regularização da situação até ao DIA 30 de ABRIL de 2018;
  4. As situações de infração identificadas serão alvo de levantamento de processos de contraordenação;
  5. Durante o ano de 2018 as coimas referentes à infração a estas disposições legais são aumentadas para o dobro, constituindo contra -ordenações puníveis com coima de € 280 a € 10.000, no caso de pessoa singular, e de € 1.600 a € 120 000, no caso de pessoas coletivas;
  6. A fiscalização do incumprimento da referida lei compete à GNR, à PSP, à Polícia Marítima, ao ICNF, I. P., à ANPC, às câmaras municipais, às polícias municipais e aos vigilantes da natureza;
  7. A localização exata dos prédios inseridos na Faixa de Gestão de Combustível do Aglomerado Populacional de Monchique e o seu registo predial encontram-se anexas a este edital, dele fazendo parte integrante, podendo ser consultada de forma pormenorizada no Gabinete de Proteção Civil e Florestas de Monchique (sedeado na Câmara Municipal);
  8. Verificando-se, até ao dia 30 de abril, o incumprimento na execução da faixa de gestão de combustível em redor do Aglomerado Populacional de Monchique a Câmara Municipal, até 31 de maio, procederá à realização dos trabalhos de gestão de combustível, com a faculdade de se ressarcir, desencadeando os mecanismos necessários ao ressarcimento da despesa efetuada;
  9. No caso de incumprimento, o proprietário em infração será alvo de contra-ordenação com o valor mínimo de € 280;
  10. Na eventualidade de ter dúvidas sobre se o seu terreno se encontra abrangido por esta obrigação legal, ou das ações que deverá realizar no mesmo, dirija-se à junta de freguesia ou ao Gabinete de Proteção Civil e Florestas da Câmara Municipal de Monchique, no Edifício dos Paços do Concelho, sito na Travessa da Portela, em Monchique, ou ligue para o número 280 910 210/280, durante o horário de atendimento, de segunda e sexta das 09.00 às 15.30, em regime de horário contínuo, ou através do endereço de correio electrónico
  11. No dia 23 de Abril realizar-se uma sessão de esclarecimento para todos os interessados no salão nobre do edifício da Câmara municipal pelas 14.30 horas.

A execução das FGC é essencial para o aumento da resiliência dos territórios aos incêndios rurais e para minimizar tragédias como as que ocorreram no ano de 2017 na zona centro de Portugal, e no ano de 2003-4 no concelho de Monchique, com a perda de vidas, habitações e rendimentos incalculáveis.

Paços do Município, 11 de Abril de 2018

O Presidente da Câmara,


(Rui Miguel da Silva André, Dr.)


Saturday, April 14th, 2018

Between April 14 and 18, in the municipality of Tavira, the National Civil Protection Authority (ANPC), the Portuguese Army, through the Emergency Military Support Regiment (RAME) and other Civil Protection Agents (APC) together with entities with a duty of cooperation (EC), will participate in an exercise called “FÉNIX18”.

This aims to test the response to a 7.0 magnitude earthquake scenario, with an epicentre in the fault of Santo Estevão (Tavira), resulting in a high level of damage, both human and infrastructural, in the Algarve Region.

This exercise, promoted by the Army, in close coordination with the ANPC, through its District Command of Relief Operations (CDOS) of Faro, began (STARTEX), at dawn today (April 14), at 05:00 hours, reaching its climax on 16 and 17 of April.

Exercising the response capacity of RAME at the request of the ANPC in the event of an earthquake, is one of the main objectives of this exercise, as well as to train and complete the integrated response system of the various APCs and ECs of the Region.

The exercise will be played with the various APC and EC facilities on the ground (LIVEX mode), which will undertake 5 different scenarios, and combines the opportunity to test the Special Civil Emergency Plan for Seismic and Tsunami Risk for the Algarve Region (PEERST-ALG).

CDOS FARO Communication no 3 – 13th April 2018

Olhão – GNR seizes 50 thousand euros in illegal casino

Thursday, April 12th, 2018

The GNR Tax Action Unit (UAF) closed this weekend (7th/8th April) an illegal casino that operated in a warehouse in Olhão, Algarve, seizing more than 50 thousand euros.

In a statement, the UAF said that in the course of the operation, 12 people were indicted and 53,210 euros were seized, 1080 of multi-game gambling chips and two poker tables, other equipment and gaming material.

The operation originated in an investigation into illegal gambling and fiscal fraud led by the Faro Tax Action Office, which started a year ago, the statement said.

The material seized resulted from six searches, one at the illegal casino, which operated in a warehouse, two domiciliary and three in cars.

Of the defendants, aged between 33 and 58, nine are indicted for illegal gambling and three for illegal gambling and tax fraud.

This action of the Tax Action Unit was supported by the GNR Faro Territorial Command and the Faro District PSP Command.


Madeira businessman acquitted of fraud in diamond business

Thursday, April 12th, 2018

A  Madeira businessman accused of two crimes of qualified derision involving a diamond business, valued at about 82,000 euros, was this Wednesday 11th April acquitted by the Court of the Region of Madeira.

The trial began on October 18 last year at the Madeira Central Instance in Funchal with the 53-year-old defendant from Machico allegedly cheating two emigrants in a diamond business fraud in South Africa in 2013.

The Prosecutor’s allegation alleged that the businessman had persuaded the two Venezuelan investors and residents of Madeira to invest “part of their savings” in the purchase of diamonds extracted from a mine in the city of Kimberley in that country “allegedly belonging to a hypothetical Irish elderly couple.”

Although initially decided to refer to the silence, the defendant ended up giving several versions for the facts of which he was accused.

On March 21, in closing statements, Deputy Attorney General Paulo Oliveira, however, himself asked for acquittal, arguing that he had doubts concerning whether a crime had actually taken place and whether this process “should therefore be a civil trial instead”.

Therefore, the court decided to acquit the defendant of the crimes and also disagreed with the civil claim of the assistants in the order of 99,360 euros, “because to have civil liability there has to be a connection with a crime.”

Special team set up to investigate linked football crimes

Thursday, April 12th, 2018

The prosecutor general of the Republic has set up a team of three magistrates to investigate investigations into football-related crimes, which began work earlier this month at the Central Department of Criminal Investigation and Action.

In response to the Lusa agency, the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) explains that this team, composed of three magistrates – two prosecutors from the Republic and an assistant prosecutor – of the Central Department of Investigation and Criminal Action (DCIAP) and the Department of Investigation and Criminal Action (DIAP,) will also be responsible for coordinating the investigation of all investigations related to the subject.

The team “will analyze the ongoing procedures as well as the new complaints presented and, as a result of this analysis, will decide which investigations should be undertaken by the team and which should be completed by the departments of the Public Prosecution Office where they started or which were received the new denunciations, “explains the PGR.

The PGR recognizes that this decision results from the significant increase in the number of complaints related to sport, in particular with football.

“Given the high number of cases, their territorial dispersion, and the social repercussions of the facts, it is considered fundamental that investigations develop with global knowledge of the trend, in a concentrated, integrated and coordinated way,” adds the PGR.

The magistrates’ team began operations on 04 April and is active in the DCIAP,



Two tonnes of clams seized by GNR Coastal Control Unit

Thursday, April 12th, 2018

On 5th April  the GNR Coastal Control Unit, through the Coastal Control sub-stations of Setúbal and Fonte da Telha, seized 1,877 kilos of japonic clams in Palmela and Alcochete.

The action was carried out within the framework of a road inspection directed to the capture and illegal trade of clams, protection of the species and food security. The apprehension of the clams with the presumed value of 17 thousand euros, was due to the clams not having the minimum legal size to be marketed and for not being accompanied by the registration documents required by law.

Two individuals were identified and two cases of misconduct were prepared. The live clams were returned to their natural habitat.

Porto – Judicial Police arrest person for drug trafficking

Thursday, April 12th, 2018

The Judiciary Police, through the Criminal Investigation Department of Ponta Delgada, in collaboration with the Northern Board of Directors, in the context of an ongoing investigation, located and detained a 27-year-old man on suspicion of trafficking of narcotics.

The arrest took place in the city of Oporto and the suspect had links to six other individuals who were detained last March in Terceira Island, in possession of pollen from hashish and MDMA.

The detainee, had already been referenced, was present at the first judicial interrogation, for application of appropriate conditions pending trial.

PSP Operational activities 9th April 2018

Tuesday, April 10th, 2018

In the period between 00:00 and 24:00 of 9th April 2018, the Public Security Police, through its usual operational activity, carried out at the national level:

  1. a) 56 arrests for various reasons, including 14 for drug trafficking, 13 for driving with excess alcohol, 11 court orders and 5 for driving without legal authorization for this purpose;
  2. b) The seizure of 3 firearms and 2 blank weapons;
  3. c) Seizure of approximately 1,380 drug doses, as well as 58 plants and 24 boxes of Cannabis seeds;
  4. d) The seizure of 1 car in connection with the commission of crimes.

In the same period, the Public Security Police registered 177 accidents, of which 41 were slightly injured and 5 seriously injured.



PSP Cascais arrest two persons for theft on train

Tuesday, April 10th, 2018

On 7th April The PSP Metropolitan Command of Lisbon through the Police Division of Cascais, arrested two persons, aged 19 and 22, suspected of theft.

The events took place inside the train in Cascais, when the victim fell asleep. Later, a passenger witnessed the two individuals, taking advantage of this fact, stole his suitcase.

After contact with the victim, the PSP began the necessary steps to find the perpetrators of the theft.

The interception occurred a few minutes later, in an artery near Cascais Station. Both were arrested after confirming that they had been the perpetrators of the theft, and were still in possession of the stolen articles valued at 500 euros.

The detainees were present at the Judicial Court of the County of Cascais, for 1st judicial interrogation, and pre-trial measures were applied.

Funchal – Three arrested for drug trafficking

Tuesday, April 10th, 2018

On 7th April the PSP Madeira, arrested whilst caught in the act three individuals for drug trafficking.

The suspects, aged between 21 and 24 years old, living in the municipality of Funchal, were

Found in possession of 359 individual doses of product suspected of being “Hashish pollen”, as well as about € 800 in cash, presumably resulting from the sale of drugs; a light vehicle used by one of the suspects and another material used for the cutting and packaging of the narcotic product, which were seized.

The detainees were made defendants, subject to expiration of their identity and residence and appeared at the Department of Investigation and Criminal Action of the Judicial District of Madeira, for the first Judicial interrogation and, where appropriate, other enforcement measures.