PSP – Madeira Regional Command

The Public Security Police was established in Madeira Islands in 1878. Its overall responsibilities are ensuring democratic legality, safeguarding internal security and the rights of its citizens in accordance with the constitution and laws of Portugal. The PSP is commanded by a National Director responsible to the Minister of Internal Affairs.

Its duties, defined in law, are diverse and include protection of key points, diplomatic protection, security of major events, traffic policing, private security and firearms licensing, crime prevention, investigation of crime, airport security and protection of persons and property within all the Portuguese Islands.

In addition to a number of specialised units in its headquarters, the structure comprises two Regional Commands (Madeira and Azores) and 18 districts throughout the country.

Specifically this comprises several divisions and police stations covering Madeira and Porto Santo Airports, as well the cities and towns of Funchal, Câmara de Lobos, Ribeira Brava, Ponta do Sol, Calheta, Porto Moniz, São Vicente, Santana, Machico, Santa Cruz and Vila Baleira (Porto Santo).

More details about the PSP can be found on their website here  and their Facebook page here.

Madeira has one of the lowest crime rates in Portugal and is an very safe place for both residents and visitors. As in any community there are various measures that both residents and visitors can take to keep it safe and these can be found in our “Stay Safe Guide” here. The latest news in English concerning the activities of the PSP can be found on our news page here

We thank the PSP Madeira for their assistance in constructing these pages.

Personal message from the Regional Commander of PSP Madeira. Superintendent Madalena Maria de Almeida Rodrigues Amaral

“Guaranteeing the protection of the rights, freedom and guarantees of the citizens of  Madeira Archipelago, the Regional Command of Madeira bases  its daily activities in four fundamental pillars:

  1. Impartiality (transparency, exemption, good faith and legality in action);
  2. Prevention (technical policing of proximity and early intervention in socio-criminal phenomena, in order to mitigate its consequences);
  3. Selflessness (permanent availability to the public cause for the benefit of the archipelagic community);
  4. Cooperation (multidisciplinary articulation with the forces of life and the citizen, especially in the most vulnerable sectors, promoting solidarity interests and mutual responsibility).

Being a Policeman  at the service of the citizen, with a high degree of professionalism and in permanent modernisation, we seek the constant appreciation and recognition of human potential, contributing to a more sustainable and safe community.

As Regional Commander and on behalf of PSP in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, I urge you to actively collaborate with us in the security of the community, doing justice to the motto of Command, “Virtue and Valor”.

      PSP Madeira Regional Command Headquarters

    • Address:Headquarters Rua da Infância, n.º 28 a 32 9060-131 FUNCHAL
    • Tel - 24hrs:291208400 - 961356321 - 961356322
    • Fax:291281230 – 291208425
    • Map
  • Funchal Squadron
  • Traffic Police
  • Criminal Investigation Unit
  • Intervention and Fiscal Unit
  • Machico
  • Ponto Santo
  • Santa Cruz
  • Santana
  • Criminal Investigation Unit
  • Calheta
  • Câmara de Lobos
  • Ponta do Sol
  • Porto Moniz
  • Ribeira Brava
  • São Vicente
  • Traffic Police
  • Criminal Investigation Unit
  • Madeira Airport
  • Ponto Santo Airport