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PSP seized 729 illegal firearms in Madeira - 19 /12/ 2019

The Public Security Police (PSP) reported today that they seized since September 22 in Madeira a total of 729 illegal firearms and 522 ammunition of various calibers.

The note issued by the Madeira Regional Command reminds that that day came into force the Legal Regime of Arms and Ammunition, which grants a deadline of 180 days for the delivery of illegal weapons.

As for the typology of seized weapons, 334 are long fires, 159 short fires, 16 compressed air and firearm reproductions, 214 white and six are aerosols. There are 522 ammunition learned.

In addition, “27 firearms and one alarm were voluntarily handed over,” says PSP.

All weapons were transferred to Lisbon “for their destruction” in collaboration with the Portuguese Navy.

The PSP also mentions that the Center for Weapons and Explosives of the Regional Command of Madeira carried out 13 inspections of the act of veneration and one to a firing range in the region, having identified 230 citizens with license and weapon possession.

The PSP stresses that “all citizens who may have illegal or offensive weapons” must surrender without criminal repercussion or legalize their licensing status, particularly in the case of weapons of deceased relatives or purchase and sale declarations. not delivered on time, “thus benefiting from the non-imposition of a fine”.

The gun law was enacted on July 24 by the President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, and limits the number of firearms each person can have at home.

The law, passed with the abstention of the People-Animals-Nature (PAN) party and no votes against, restricts the number of weapons that hunters, for example, can have at home and sets a deadline to resolve the issue of surpluses.

The law was the result of the committee discussion of a Government bill and bills from the PCP, Left Block, The Greens and PAN Ecologist Party.

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