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The Judicial Police was created on 20 October 1945, through publication of Decree No. 35042, dedicated to the prevention and investigation of crime, based on the investigative mechanisms, grounded in science and law, of the new Code of Criminal Procedure which was approved seven days before, by Decree 35007, 13 October.

These two structural diplomas marked the nature, mission and tasks of the new criminal investigation police, which was integrated in the justice system and, hence, designated “Judicial Police”. Designed and shaped over decades to serve justice, managed by judicial magistrates and prosecutors and officials with legal training, technically well prepared with a high spirit of mission, the Judicial Police has always responded promptly and efficiently to all types of criminality and social changes which have become increasingly complex and more sophisticated.

The Judicial Police is under the Ministry of Justice and is geographically divided in four areas known as “Boards”. The “South Board” has its Headquarters in Faro.

The powers of the Judicial Police for criminal investigation are set out in particular in arts.7.º and 8 of LOIC – Law No. 49/2008 27 August. Competence of the Judicial Police regarding responsibility for criminal investigation, includes:

  1. First-degree murder, provided that murderer is unknow
  2. Slavery, abduction, kidnapping and hostage taking;
  3. Counterfeit currency, securities, stamps and other similar securities;
  4. Hijacking, sea air or land;
  5. Computer crimes;
  6. Criminal gangs;
  7. Trafficking of influence, corruption, embezzlement and participation for economic business;
  8. Terrorists and terrorist organizations;
  9. Misconduct and abuse of power practiced by holders of political office;
  10. Bank robbery, offices of Finance Public and couriers;
  11. Forgery of driving licenses, registration documents, ID documents and other official documents;
  12. Trafficking in persons and serious drug trafficking cases;
  13. Cases involving the use of firearms.
  14. Terrorist organisations and terrorism

The full list of offences the Judicial Police investigate, can be found in Portuguese here and crimes where they have sole responsibility can be found in the download in English at the foot of this page. For more information about the Judicial Police please visit the Judicial Police website. To report serious crime in the Algarve or information about serious crime, the Judicial Police can be contacted using the contact details on the right of this page.

Operational activity

Please see the News Page for operational activities by the Judicial Police and arrests made in the South area

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South Board Headquarters

Criminal Investigation Dept Portimão